Defining and Driving Opportunity

John Deere aims to be progressive in ways that allow all individuals to feel heard and included.

The company has embedded Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) principles into the core of their business through technology, training, communications, and cross-functional teams dedicated to focusing on sustainability of the organization’s internal and external relationships.

One of John Deere’s most effective DEI resources is their Employee Resources Groups (ERGs).

ERGs are employee-run organizations formed around a common dimension of diversity, interest, education, or experience that affects the workplace. ERGs provide individuals with opportunities to bond over shared interests and navigate John Deere through shared lenses, which enriches workplace culture overall. Additionally, ERGs welcome all employees into their groups to learn about different perspectives and backgrounds in a safe and encouraging way. 

John Deere additionally invests in diverse businesses through their Supplier Diversity Program and through investment funds dedicated to supporting diverse-owned businesses. Through these strategic investments, the company creates opportunities for suppliers, small businesses and organizations in our communities and around the world. John Deere’s success is inextricably linked to ensuring inclusion and access for everyone to enjoy progressive and growth-centered opportunities.

JohnDeere Equality Diversity

John Deere is humbled to drive and define opportunities in partnership with International Women’s Day. DEI demands that John Deere breaks biases that remove opportunities for women. John Deere is ready to re-define new ways of thinking about gender equality and equity, and re-direct outdated efforts for achieving gender equality and equity.

At John Deere, they run so life can leap forward. And they believe that when they run for all, everyone stands to gain.

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