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International Women's Day image gallery

Worldwide, millions of people mark International Women's Day (IWD) on March 8. The day provides an important opportunity to reinforce commitment and action forging women's equality, while also celebrating women's achievements. Fighting the good fight continues all year and IWD sees the world step forward to support a campaign theme that unifies action in helping forge an inclusive world.

Each year the conversation grows, activity escalates, action increases, inclusive mindsets prevail - and we get closer to an equal world. Thank you to everyone who shares the vision, cares about equality, and takes action to make the world a better place.


We're working to #BreakTheBias, are you?

Thank you to the women's equality advocates below for sending in their image to amplify the cause.

Wanda Abreu & Kerry Hull

Wanda Abreu & Kerry Hull, United States

Malazidah Binti Musa

Malazidah Binti Musa, Malaysia

Suzanne Doyle

Suzanne Doyle, United Kingdom


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Over 6,000 advocates submitted their images of solidarity in 2021.

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