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Every year, IWD Speaker Directory members secure numerous bookings to address exciting IWD events. Here's what some IWD Speaker Directory members say.

"From the IWD Speaking Directory I was contacted by so many companies and secured new clients inspired by my work to build inclusive workplaces and have courageous, uncomfortable conversations."
Janet Taras | Speaking Rights

"Every year I'm blown away at how many organizations contact me to speak in March for International Women's Day and/or Women's History Month who found me in the IWD Speakers Directory. It's helping women from both sides of the equation!"
Erin Hatzikostas | b Authentic Inc

"I received numerous public speaking inquiries from my IWD Speaker Directory listing and was engaged to deliver my keynote 'Speak Up to Stand Out' for three IWD company events, plus several further bookings for throughout March."
Nancy Medoff | Athena Wise

"I have been booked every single year since I've been on the IWD Speakers Directory. I believe this is because of my inspiring storytelling ability and relevant strategies that resonate deeply with female audiences."
Heidi Dening | Resilience Speaker

"Five corporate clients booked me from my IWD Speaker Directory listing for my 'Getting Ahead for Competence in a World Obsessed with Confidence' presentation."
Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris | InclusIQ

"I was thrilled the media liked my IWD Speaker Directory listing so reached out and interviewed me primetime about my story as a cancer survivor who founded a company designing false lashes for chemotherapy patients."
Codilia Gapare | Cancer survivor & Founder of C-Lash

"With 4.6 million listeners, Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden is the UK's biggest commercial radio show and they chose me to tell my story after being inspired by my profile on the IWD Speakers Directory."
Beth French | Against The Tides | Extreme Ocean Swimmer

"Two organizations hired me for an IWD keynote address after seeing my profile on the IWD Speakers Directory and I spoke about women in business and leadership."
Ifeoma Esonwune | Network for the Empowerment of Women

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