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Looking for an engaging and inspiring speaker for your event? From motivational keynote addresses to engaging niche topic experts, a great speaker transforms an event. Some speakers charge fees and some generously participate at no cost. Contact these speakers directly to negotiate.

SPEAKERS NEEDED: Women step forward. List yourself in the IWD Women Speaker Directory.

Women Speaker Directory

Anisa Nandaula

Spoken word poet, play writer, educator & published author born in Kampala, Uganda who now resides in Australia

Kyah Simon

Star soccer player with the Matildas, a proud indigenous athlete at the forefront of successful equal pay for Australian female footballers

Ash Brazill

Trailblazing multi-sport athlete who plays for Collingwood in the Super Netball and AFLW competitions

Cate Campbell

Champion swimmer set for success at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics who speaks candidly and professionally about success, failure, gender equality, resilience and more

Jenny Wynter

Internationally award winning comedian, inspirational speaker & founder of Funny Mummies

Dr Hannah Macdougall

Elite athlete, Paralympic Bronze Medallist, World Championship medallist in swimming and cycling

Dr. Nothabo Ncube

Her inspiring story of tenacity led her to meet the media mogul Oprah Winfrey

Frances Martin-DiGiuseppe

Founder & Principal Architect of Q4 Architects

Nida Hasan

Country Director for India - leading the team to empower people to create the change they want to see

Dr. Sinead Kane

Award winning international blind athlete, lawyer, two PhD's, two Guiness World records, seven marathons on seven continents within seven days

Suziette Ukey-Agazie

Professional trainer in storytelling, content marketing and social media marketing

Mmanti Umoh

A polymath - award-winning Management Consultant and Education Psychologist using skills development for job creation, economic growth and poverty reduction

Sally Lamie

Senior Manager at the Defence & Aerospace industry and women empowerment advocate, who inspires women to create an impact, thrive and succeed.

Laura Winter

Sports broadcaster, journalist and domestic violence survivor, campaigning for an end to violence against women and blazing a trail in the world of sport's media

Janet Taras

IWD keynote ‘Embrace Equity for Equality’ informs, provokes and inspires audiences to action. Award-winning Speaker & Business Psychologist Janet Taras delivers a speech that will stay with you long past International Women's Day.

Beth French

Every woman's liberation looks different. Multiple record holder & champion in extreme outdoor swimming

Aminah Rahman

Award-winning spoken word poet delivering memorable, thought-provoking performances

Sharena Lee Satti

Poet whose words are inscribed into park benches who raises her voice so others can be heard too

Dr. Funke Abimbola MBE

Diversity & Inclusion Leader, C suite executive, Board advisor, BBC commentator, Lawyer & mother

Caitlin Wood

International level racing driver & coach showing girls & women worldwide 'hardwork does not have a gender'

Ana Gillan

Champion of women in the workplace and seeking to inspire the next generation of females in tech

Sarah Shin

Building more diverse and inclusive companies through clear and measurable goals across all levels and geographies

Iyore N. Olaye

Named to Forbes ‘30 under 30’ list, Iyore is an innovative product leader, engineer & STEM advocate

Tonya McKenzie

A gun violence survivor who builds thought leadership through public relations and identity branding


Native American descendant sharing her journey as an Author & Museum Curator

Jennifer Willey

Educating, empowering and inspiring fearless women, purpose-driven leaders and collaborative cultures to help everyone achieve their potential

Semirah Dolan

Upbeat women engineer with tips and tools on navigating the world of tech as an underrepresented minority. Tech topics: Blockchain, Java, UI/UX

Ayisha Thompson

Brand marketing specialist on brand identity, personal branding, digital marketing and entrepreneurship

Catalyst speakers

IWD charity of Choice, Catalyst, provides diverse speakers representing diversity, equity, and inclusion research

Jordyne Blaise

Diversity, intersectionality and justice ground Jordyne's message

Dr. Stella Enyi Okereke-Nwokeji

International Medical and Economic Empowerment Initiatives for Women

TeLisa Daughtry

Award-winning diversity & technology advocate, social entrepreneur, technologist, impact investor, mindfulness, emerging technology, future of work

Anne Doepner

Feminist NFL Executive Working to Advance Diversity & Inclusion in Sports

Jennifer L Evans

Inspire, engage and affirm what's unique and best in each of us - both at work and otherwise - even when we think we can't

Susannah Davda

Shoe expert on a mission to empower women to feel great in their shoes. Transforming women's lives from the feet up.

HH Sheikha Intisar AlSabah

A royal family princess, philanthropist, and entrepreneur with sky high ambition to make the world a peaceful society to women

Professor Maja

Sociologist, Author, TEDx Speaker, Confidence-Bulder and Apology-Hater

Maya Toussaint

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging advocate, Learning & Development Program Manager, Personal Branding & Culture Specialist

Caroline Buchanan

Eight-time world champion and founder of scholarship for young women to empower the next generation

Sharni Layton

Netball legend, AFLW rookie sports stars talks about overcoming mental exhaustion, wellbeing and leadership

Melissa Griffiths

Transgender authority & advocate, consultant, inspirational speaker, media commentator, MC & thought leader

Erin Willett

Creative courage, self-love in leadership, resilient cultures, and magnetic companies

Katrina Webb

Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winner at three Paralympic Games

Alisha Fernando

Fleeing Vietnam, rescued by a Dutch freight ship in South China Sea, Bloomberg's Alisha Fernando is an award-winning diversity and inclusion professional

Antonella Murillas

Public speaker, anti-violence trainer, youth leader and psychologist

Florence Kwizera

Sustainable Development Goals campaigner, Girl Guide spokesperson, advocate for body confidence

Samantha Yarmiy

Training facilitator in leadership, anti-violence and body confidence and activist for global action of feminine health issues

Jessica Williamson

Young Australian Entrepreneur currently running four businesses and has worked with over 400 influencers

Wang Wei Tong Phoebe

Body confidence advocate, youth empowerment representative and disability awareness activist

Ren-Neasha Blake Gilmore

Mentor, educator, doctoral student, wife, coastal resilience specialist, co-author and lifelong learner

Fehizoro Ny Fitiavana Rakotomalala

Girl Guide Leader, advocate for ending gender-based violence, promoting body confidence, and educating on adolescent nutrition

Tan Ejin

Campaigner to end child marriage and advocate for Global Sustainable Development Goals

Lauren Paton

Ex-Amazon marketing leader turned mindset coach, energy practitioner, podcast host

Sophie Nelson

International and UK Girlguiding advocate, British Youth Council Member, founding member of Girlguilding's Period Poverty campaign

Gifty Enright

Author and speaker on women, success, health and happiness in the workplace

Kaite O'Reilly

Playwright specialising in revealing untold stories of women and disabled people's experience - speaking about disability, diversity and inclusive arts

Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris

Promoting working women for over 25 years.

Jude Jennison

Inspirational speaker on leadership, teamwork, courage, confidence, compassion, leading through uncertainty, wellbeing

Zaineb Dahmoul

Public Speaker, Girl Scout leader, and advocate for Global Sustainable Development Goals

Wendy Powell

Women's health and body positivity expert shares actionable strategies to reject body shame or judgment and find empowerment and strength

Maria purcell

Each For Equal: On a mission to redesign the world with women in mind.

Anna Goodwin

Accountant, Trainer & Mentor to L&D teams delivering CSR to improve mental health wellbeing/ Keynote Speaker

Arti Shah

Believe In Yourself. Delivers a message about accepting who you are, about inclusion and about believing in yourself.

Janet Kirlew

Journalist, writer, entrepreneur, speaker, designer, awards judge - and founder of Women in Trade magazine

Goret Koote

Girl Guide Leader, trainer and spokesperson for the elimination of gender-based violence in Uganda

Kathleen Nicole Vivas

Advocate to end world hunger through girl-powered nutrition and spokesperson promoting body confidence and health among girls

Yvette Nkurunziza

Girl Guide Leader, action on body confidence advocate, youth training facilitator and mentor

Andrea Dunlop

International Executive, angel investor and non-executive Director who advocates for diversity and equality in the workplace.

Michelle Brown

Award-winning community activist, author, poet and host of a weekly blog podcast

Anne Bonney

Fun, fresh and Interactive, igniting audience's courage to embrace the discomfort of change.

Nancy Medoff

Equity evangelist and keynote speaker with a unique take on women at work. It’s time to speak up and stop building our own glass ceiling.

Elise Neel

Former professional tap dancer and unconventional technology executive, Elise drives others to recognize the power of being yourself

Lisa Evans

Storytelling and communicating with influence

Tina Wells

Business strategist, author, and founder of Elevation Tribe, a publication helping women of color launch and grow businesses

Elizabeth Gore

Co-founder & president of AI powered multi-channel platform guiding business owners through growth, Hello Alice

Laura Sgroi

Bilingual speaker, certified coach and Author of "In Our Thirties" helping women find well-being, natural fertility, and positive change

Luana Lewis

Girls Inc Board of Directors, CollabraLink Technologies President and COO

Rabia de Lande Long

Engage, inspire, and activate your team!

Shadaria Allison

Author, Motivational speaker, generational reformer with a concentration in female advocacy

Betsy Wiersma

Choose your family, Change your life: Tools for building rich connected "family" relationships in any season or location

J'Anmetra Waddell

Author of Fearless Woman Born to Give Thanks and Transition to Freedom

Shamieka Sims

A six time National Pageant Queen with a passion for community service

Samantha Paige

Living with yourself outside the box: "Flat" Body Activist inspires body positivity and self-acceptance.

Dr. Brandy Davis

A former high school English and Spanish teacher and current business owner and community activist

Pia & Gitzy

Building Success, confidence and a leader mindset

Denise Reed Lamoreaux

Removing gender bias from performance feedback

Queen Afua

Holistic health practitioner. author and wellness coach pioneering the green foods movement

Dr. Joan Fallon

Visionary scientist, doctor, academic, entrepreneur and business leader championing the health and well-being of children worldwide

Shakesha Williams

Filmmaker and entertainment industry speaker advocating for women's rights

Brandy Henson

Leader and inspirational speaker within the renewable energy sector

Faylene Bell

Moderator, panelist and podcast guest working in STEM as a black woman

Keira Ingram

Known as the Real Estate Queenpin because she makes real estate bosses

Genevieve Piturro

A human connection speaker

Lissa Cupp

International speaker & founder of Goal Driven Women and Big Rocks of Life

Ashley Maria

Director, award-winning social impact documentary film maker of Pioneers in Skirts - a movie about women & ambition

Catherine Jewell

How to Finally Make that $100K Salary - behaviors, attitudes and actions you can take now to upgrade your status at work

Cassandra McClure

Crusader for Clean and Green Beauty

Danielle Parks

Multifaceted Brand Strategist, and mental health awareness & wellness advocate for women and girls

Amy Lauren Oestreicher

Survivor advocate, PTSD specialist, actress, multidisciplinary teaching artist, Huffington Post columnist and global speaker

Natalie Shepherd

Entrepreneurs learn the tricks of marketing and networking from an expert in the business

Amy Balliett

CEO & founder of Killer Visual Strategies, an industry-leading visual communication & content marketing agency

May Wang

An immigrant who founded a cybersecurity company; Technologist, board member, author & advocator for women in tech

Debra Barker

Inclusivity and cohesive expert empowerment coach and military and family life counselor

Yvonne Victor

Inspiring and engaging life and business coach dedicated to helping women create balanced, sustainable and fulfilling lives

Monique Russell

Communications expert, inspirational teacher and speaker

Vanessa Farino

Massachusetts resident, public speaker, community leader, business consultant and award-winning Latina

Bahia Akerele, MSW

COO of an Immigration Practice and Chief Lifestyle, Designer and TV Personality

Kate Redwine

From child sexual abuse, rape and domestic violence victim to Victorious Powerhouse Business Leader and Author

Dr. Nancia Leath

Inspiring, educating, empowering and encouraging women, purpose-driven leaders and collaborative cultures to help everyone THRIVE!

Amie Batson

A lead adviser on countless global health issues, passionate about elevating women to top leadership positions

Amy Auton-Smith

Entrepreneur, educator, tech evangelist and diversity advocate

Nahal Shahidzadeh

Cybersecurity Woman of the Year 2020 as COO/Co-Founder of leading Ai in Cybersecurity firm Acceptto

Attorney Dhenu Maru

Experienced and award-winning immigration attorney offering motivational talks, event presentations, and group workshops on immigration issues.

Sheri Fitts

Host of Women Rocking Wall Street, a podcast dedicated to helping women thrive in the male dominated industry of financial services

Selena Fox

Ecofeminist, Nature priestess, women's ceremonies facilitator, Goddess studies teacher, writer, podcaster, diversity consultant, administrator, women's equality activist

Jamie Dandar McKinney

Empowering women to ditch doubts, speak up and achieve the careers they deserve and desire

Shreya Prasad

Product Marketing Professional & Yoga Teacher with a unique ability to empower teams

Chelsea Rucker

I'm here to tell you that difficult is not impossible.

Tommi Vincent

Chef, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, multi-media personality and writer best known as the matriarch of Vincent Country

Sarah Ratekin

Chief Happiness Officer making the world better by being positive, grateful and kind

Hannah Gordon

Named by as one of the most influential women in football and author of SZN OF CHANGE

Shantell Thomas

Wife, mom and Diversity & Inclusion practitioner

Shelley Westman

Recognized C-suite leader on diversity and lack of women in STEM fields

Patricia Arboleda

Senior executive and Leadership Coach with a mission to help women in their careers

Susanne Althoff

Author of new book Launching While Female: Smashing the System That Holds Women Entrepreneurs Back

Ashley Mansour

Book strategist, writing coach, number one Amazon bestselling author, and Founder and CEO of LA Writing Coach

Elizabeth Osondu

Nigerian-American millennial woman in tech focused on empowering women from the inside out to fully be themselves in society.

Alice Tang ChFC®, MIM

Engaging, entertaining, and empowering advocate training female professionals to catapult their success by nurturing their network

Cousett Hoover

Hacks, tricks, and strategies to build and grow your online business and master the Mompreneur life

Sandra Moerch

Chief Content Director, Purpose & Sustainability at SAP, UN Women board member, Stanford WiDS Ambassador, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation goalkeeper

HRH Princess Moradeun Ogunlana

Visionary, entrepreneur, consultant, and humanitarian

Kelli Thompson

Women’s leadership expert and speaker and former corporate leader dedicated to helping women advance to the rooms where decisions are made

Dr Deborah Johnson Blake

Time management expert, inspiring facilitator, and trainer, and speaker

Ruksana Hussain

Award-winning journalist, magazine editor and features writer with 20 years of experience

Elle Ballard

Founder of Women of the World Network, best-selling author, John Maxwell Team Leadership trainer and speaker, entrepreneur and mother

Jen Ferguson

Speaker, author, mentor and leader creating inclusive workplaces for all

Dr. Larisa Sharipova

Medical doctor and practicing certified holistic health practitioner

Mantate Queeneth Mlotshwa

Speaker, blogger and leadership trainer passionate about women's meaningful participation in democracy and governance processes

Dilruba Malik

Award Winning WomenTech Network Global Ambassador & Country Leader as well as Google's Women Techmakers Ambassador

Kelly Lockwood Primus

Expert on Leadership, The Missing 33%, and The Career Advice You Probably Didn't Get

Simone Sloan, Rph, MBA

Business strategist and executive coach who inspires women leaders and business owners

Rita Kakati-Shah

Award winning diversity, inclusion and career strategist, international speaker, and Founder of Uma

Heather Bartos, MD

Frequent speaker and writer on all areas of women’s health

Dr Froswa Booker Drew

Partnership Broker and Relational Leadership expert

Dominique D. Wilson

Women's Circle Facilitator

Lyndse Costabile

Global STEM Advocate, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur

Shanna Kabatznick

Cross-cultural experiential speaker, facilitator and connector who addresses the topic of 'Creating a Culture of Collaboration'

Holly Dunn

Registered Nutritionist & wellbeing expert empowering women with knowledge around female biochemistry

Patricia Seabright

Author of She Said! - a millennial womans guide to being heard

Patricia Seabright

Author of She Said! - a millennial woman's guide to being heard

Professor Gina Rippon

Is your brain male or female? Or are we asking the wrong question? Demolishing brain myths, smashing stereotypes

Rabina Khan

Politician, broadcaster, campaigner, speaker & writer of My Hair Is Pink Under This Veil

Aminat Ayodele

Passionate advocate on Girl Child Rights, Women Empowerment, and Prevention and Management of Abuse

Alissa Khan-Whelan

Co-founder of Happy Yolk integrated social PR agency, born out of turning an image of an egg into the most liked picture on Instagram

Ciara Moore

Founder of Female Leaders at 50 network providing resources and support for women at 50

Dr. Andrea Slominski

Women's New Power Years 45-70

Sarah Lloyd-Hughes

One of the UK's leading public speaking experts on how to be brilliant at public speaking

Aviva Will

Doyenne of the legal finance industry and founder of The Equity Project

Jourdan Guyton

TV Producer & Content Creator Teaching Women How To Unlock Their Power In Telling Their Story!

Dr. Raheleh Sarbaziha

Social entrepreneur, doctor, disruptor, community involved, women's advocate, anti-aging

Teri Healy

8 1/2 Minutes: You can change your life in just minutes a day!

Selena Rezvani

Award-winning expert on women and negotiation

Gerrie Katz-Wolf

Third generation feminist with decades in the technology sector in information security and cybersecurity

Sally J. Perkins

Digging in their Heels: The story of woman's suffrage told like never before! Hilarious, poignant, honest, inspiring

Dr. Tana M. Session

Motivational expert and media contributor

Dr. Lisa Brooks-Greaux

International Women's Leadership expert keynote speaker and author of 'Don't Abdicate The Throne'

Elif Köse

On a mission to empower women through the power of fashion

Anna Lewis

A passionate advocate for gender diversity who can speak of her own experiences of bias

Sunaina Aytan

Winner of TechWomen100 2019, cyber security specialist and advocate for promoting more inclusion and diversity in tech

Clare Willetts

Founder and CEO of not only pink and blue specialising in stereotypes

Anita Phagura

Leadership development and inclusivity and belonging advocate

Tiffany Dawson

Multi-award winning podcast host of "How to be a STEMinist" & Ex-Mechanical Engineer Turned Career Coach for Women in STEM

Dr Joanna Martin

Founder of One of many - Unleashing the bold, grassroots leadership of 1 million women internationally

Bea, Rachel, Natalie, and Rebecca

Inspiring, engaging, witty and thought provoking - sharing a radically different approach to wellbeing, happiness and success

Jackline Mjema

Empowering women and girls with mental health education to realise their potential

Piensia Ferdinand Ngirwa

Empowering women and girls socially and economically to tackle gender equality

Jackline Chris

Breaking the bias in mental health service provision to women

Lisa McCarthy

CEO & Co-Founder of the Fast Forward Group, inspiring, top-rated speaker igniting women to dream big and see more as possible

Dr. Shawn Andrews

Professor of "Women & Leadership", author and speaker with expertise in DEI, Bias, Gender & Emotional Intelligence

Rose McGowan

Cultural icon who stood up to Hollywood’s desire to destroy her, a remarkable woman willing to speak about highs and lows of her career

Laura Colbert

Combat veteran, adventure educator, school Principal, business consultant, and parent

Dr. Amelia Reigstad, Ph.D.

Passionate change agent who encourages and inspires women to use their voice to initiate change

Kelly C. Huang

Kelly is a leadership coach, marketing expert and partnership/community builder passionate about female STEM leadership

Claudia Pires

Global leader with 20+ years of experience in strategic human resources & organizational development, operating over multiple cultures & countries

Joanne Pasternack

Sports for social impact strategist for high-profile athletes, teams, brands and causes

Dr Kalyani Gopal, PhD, HSPP

President-Elect, Society for Clinical Psychology, American Psychological Association; Human Rights psychologist; Keynote speaker international reputation

Elsa Shiju

Aspiring astronaut, Speaker, Future Mars walker

Erin Hatzikostas

Erin Hatzikostas is a former corporate CEO turned professional pot-stirrer

Sierra Marie Bonn

Engineering student, Miss America Candidate, and Founder of “Let’s Go Full STEAM Ahead!”

Jerri Salley

Having sight with no vision, is worser then being blind

Deepika Dave

Think about next generation, financial independence, save girl child, eduacte, engage and empower young generation

Lady B Bless

Award-winning humanitarian, social entrepreneur, prolific motivational speaker, International radio personality, mentor, advocate & consultant for UN SDGs

Dr. TIffany M Jenkins

We All Have A Voice! Facilitating Equitable Conversation

Dr Carey Yazeed

Empowering Women to Discover Their Superpowers!

Dalisia Coppersmith

Restoring the women who can change our world by dissolving unconscious resistance to women’s leadership

Dr. Patricia Goodman Hayward

Recognizing women community leaders on a global scale

Katharine Wolanyk

Industry leader in intellectual property and patent litigation

Elisa Gaudet

Founder of International Women's Golf Day, award-winning author and professional speaker

Natasha Hastings

Olympic, World and US National Champion Track and Field Sprinter, influencer, entrepreneur, mom, mental health advocate and philanthropist

Brittany Blount

Director of Event Operations at Blount International

Dr. Kyla L. Tennin

Economic empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Business, Organizational development, Change management & Resilience Initiatives

Bernette Sherman

Breaking down 4 traps that sabotage success and provides solutions so audience members aren't just inspired, they are ready to take inspired action

Zehra Syeda-Sarwat

Worldwide Leader AWS Transformation Guide, Founder/President Women@AWS

Suzanne de Janasz, Ph.D.

Engaging women and their organizations to learn, challenge, and act in ways that level the playing field

Iyore Olaye

Award-winning technology leader, advisor, and world-renowned speaker

Patricia Arboleda

An impactful, dynamic, visionary speaker inspiring Fortune 1000 companies

Ashley Wells Ajinkya

Experienced speaker and advocate on mental health, invisible disability, DEI + accessibility in publishing, and womens' career paths

Celina Mattocks

Adventurous Management Consulting Executive seeking to help others banish Despy (Your Despised Self)

Jessica Bligh Doyle

Vocal coach, professor, and researcher hell bent on helping women harness the power of their voices

Vidya Raman

Helping women find satisfaction, meaning and fulfillment at work

Lola Adeyemo

Speaker on Identity & Representation for Immigrant Women in Corporate Workplaces

Sharon M. Wyman

Author of biography about influential Swedish American women

Emily O. Weltman, M. Ed.

Writer, consultant, researcher, educator, care & flexible work advocate

Vanessa Zamy

Stress, Time Management, and Burnout Eradication

Dr. Oyinkansola Jinadu Ph.D

Thought leader, Entrepreneur, Coach, Philanthropist, Educator, Public speaker, Author, Talkshow host, Event MC, Actress, Content Creator

Elizabeth Pearson

Empowering women to own their authentic feminine power while in male-dominated fields

Sara Chambers

Brand Strategist for purpose-driven companies and podcast host

Yvette De Luna, Esq.

Equality without Equity is Hollow and Equity is Needed to #BreakTheBias

Meg Bucaro

Empowering women to show up with purpose and power through innovative communication behaviors

Shirin Alipanah

A little girl who fled Iran when 18, migrated to Canada, finished school and now is an IT executive

Terry Wolfisch Cole

Professional storyteller, trainer, third place on Jeopardy

Jensine Larsen

Award-winning digital impact entrepreneur, international journalist, global women’s rights expert & women-led social network founder

Rashim Mogha

Authentic speaker inspiring women to discover, visualize & actualize their success

Shelly Elliott

Specialist in women’s leadership coaching, career advising and general business consulting

Rebecca Otis Leder

Bestselling author and career educator up-leveling women across experience levels and geographies

Meenakshi Iyer

Personal Agility and Self-Leadership Coach helping women "Lead with their Head, Heart and Hands"

Iyore Olaye

Award-winning technology leader, advisor and world-renowned speaker for technical and non-technical audiences

Bridgett McGowen

Helping professionals be the most unforgettable person in the room

Iyore Olaye

Award-winning technology leader, advisor and world-renowned speaker for technical and non-technical audiences

Jennifer Willey

Solving gender equity by tackling both sides of the equation and building 'Modern Male Leaders' and advancing women at work

Shavonne Reed

Marketing and Communications expert, self-advocacy and confidence coach and successful CEO

Surbhi Arora

Own your path to success- challenge cognitive bias

Hoda Tahoun

Works with Fortune 100 companies CEOs & Boards on global talent consulting, championing women and minorities in the corporate world

Eileen Scully

Author of 'In the Company of Men: How Women can Succeed in a World Built Without Them' Founder & CEO of The Rising Tides consulting firm

Ayana L Whitehead Smith-Borgstrom

Championing for your true fulfilment through life navigation

Jessica Ellis-Wilson

Consultant, speaker and coach

Barbara Roche

Women's Leadership Communication, Assertiveness, Executive Presence

Erin Prather Stafford

Award-Winning Writer/Editor, Filmmaker and Founder Girls That Create

Lisa M. Liszcz, Ph.D.

Your Energy Is Your Power

Alyssa Dver

Confidence Crusader. Neuro Nerd. Success Equalizer

Dr. Angela Sadler Williamson

Activism never sleeps

Jessy Santana

Developing inclusive culture-driven leaders to build legacy and create impact

Loretta Turner

Mindfulness and Leadership Coach; transforming individuals and organizational cultures

Kathryn Keats

The Hummingbird musician

Bobbie Carlton

Helping event managers avoid MANels and helping women use public speaking to advance careers and business

Mariama S. Boney

Advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, leadership & wellbeing

Lori Mihalich - Levin, Esq

CEO of Mindful Return and a Parental Leave Expert

Gild Collective

Equity can truly begin once we’ve taken a look inward through the lens of equity

Cara M de Lange

Rewire your brain to deal with ongoing uncertainty. Women are more at risk of burnout than men, let's decrease that risk &#EmbraceEquity

Robin Hauser

TED speaker & award-winning filmmaker presenting the Likability Dilemma, Women & Money, Unconscious Bias

Miranda VonFricken

Award-winning Coach & Speaker in female empowerment, igniting & highlighting the voice, mind & spirit of women through Self-Leadership and Motivation.

Simone E. Morris

Dynamic, engaging & inspirational speaker making diversity, equity & inclusion topics easy to understand so audience feels motivated for action

Lorna Owens

Attorney, Registered Nurse, Midwife, Author International Speaker

Kristi Hemmer

Putting more women in power since 2013 because research shows when women lead the world is a better place for all

Jan Molino

Recognized expert and thought leader on women's leadership, gender equity, and women in the boardroom

Karen Loftus

Walking Out Windows is a captivating and authentic show sure to inspire others to unabashedly pursue their dreams

Anjali Bindra Patel

Diversity and Inclusion strategist, change agent, improving the landscape for women leaders through authentic conversations

Megan Doepker

Yoga and meditation teacher, entrepreneur, and speaker

Julene Allen

Equal pay activist, interviewer, author, podcast host, and founder of Women of Color in the Workplace®

Elissa Sangster

CEO of Forté, working to help women succeed in business.

Ana Duarte-McCarthy

Director of Development at Forté, working to help women succeed in business.

Mariska Morse

VP of marketing at Forté, working to help women succeed in business.

Amy Orlov

VP, Programs at Forté, working to help women succeed in business.

Rosie Moore

Author, entrepreneur, mother, nurse, out to Inspire!

Breanne Zolfo

Nationally recognized speaker

Chari Pack

Mastermind behind Persnickety Prints since its inception in 2008

Goldyn P. Smith

A whistleblower sharing how to survive toxic workplace culture.

Jenny Dorsey

Award winning chef, author, artist, and social impact entrepreneur

Mariela Dabbah

Founder of the Red Shoe Movement and coined Red Shoe Tuesday

Maria Lensing

Latina executive at Fortune 10 company, responsible for healthcare solutions globally

Anar Simpson

Key influencer for women, girls and technology with work spanning grassroots level to the policy level with NGOs & governments

Suzanne de Janasz

Long-time advocate for women and gender equality in the workplace, consultant, professor, mentor, PhD in management & organizational behavior

Sally Helgesen

Forbes's world's premier expert on woman's leadership and best-selling author, speaker and leadership coach

Caryanne Keenan

Experienced Career Coach empowering women on workplace topics like salary negotiation, confidence building, EQ & MBTI

Angelis Iglesias

Applied Psychology Scientist-Practitioner in Executive Leadership Development and Coaching helping STEM professionals rise to leadership roles

Jennifer Anglin

Master of Ceremonies and Speaker specializing in bolstering women's self esteem

Joyce Marie Sheldon

Author providing women advice for successful caregiving

Jessica Sinclair

Award-Winning Master of Ceremonies, Cardiology BSN-RN, Networking Expert, Event Host

Laurie Morse-Dell

Founder of Lean In Michigan, a peer mentorship community working to create an equal world

Nicole Yeary

Keynote speaker on Fear Paradox, award-winning diversity & inclusion advocate, social entrepreneur & technologist

Daniella Mabel Paulina kargbo

Guidance and counselor

Juhi Shukla

Law graduate, trustee, innovation officer, anchor, show host and professional moderator

Nor Lastrina Hamid

Facilitator. Youth Engagement. Sustainability. Southeast Asia. Singapore.

Charlotte Wilkinson

Founded Asia's only Female Focused marketing agency working with businesses to engage more effectively with women

Mpho Ashley Motene

Board Member I Work Psychologist I Founder of TSHOLETSANANG Afrik initiative, wellbeing activist and career mentor

Arthi Rabikrisson

Helping millennial highflyers craft a successful personal brand through neuroscience

Dr Shamila Ramjawan

Global awardee entrepreneur, speaker, host of Red Corner Show

Arthi Rabikrisson

Embracing neuro-agility for leadership development, progressive career growth & advanced client relationship management as key for sustainable competitive advantage

Molly and the Mountains

Using her experience of high altitude climbing, Molly inspires people to reach their goals and live the lives they not only dream of, but deserve

Leah Hughes

Comfort Leads to Confidence

Candice Clark

Founder & Managing Director of Dynamic Talent

Vanessa Perumal

Influential subject expert and a digital disruptor in activating and providing global Communication, Media, Public Relations, Publicity solutions


Building a purpose driven legacy with the 4Cs

Leah Hughes

Inspirational motivational for women's well being & in particular supporting new mothers

Ethel Manyaka

An aspiring scholar, writer and researcher who discusses which women is without wounds

Melanie Falvey

Video strategist, founder of Expert Channel TV, award-winning designer, author and speaker

Kay Fabella

Discussing how IWD can go from "all women" to intersectional gender inclusion

Deshika Rodrigo

Women empowerment, Human Resources, employee engagement and motivation

Kaishika Rodrigo

She helps women reinvent themselves to be everything they dream of

Olusola Olufemi

Speaker and facilitator addressing Built Environment Issues

Abiola Nejo

Experienced gender specialist actively involved in crafting value propositions for the women's market at 2 leading financial institutions

Chika Ilang Philips

Lead Principal at Chika Ilang International and creator of the Focus Design Method

Ibukun Janet Ogundipe

Inspirational African women leader passionate about empowering women and girls

Ivana Osagie

Keynote speaker, gender diversity & inclusion catalyst, angel investor and board directo

Ibukun Omololu

Gender parity specialist promoting financial inclusion, gender diversity and leadership to bridge the gender gap

Ope Wemi-Jones

The Pioneer Head for the formost Women Banking Program at Access Bank. Passionate about the positivity of inclusive leadership for business growth

Monica Verma

Technology leader with a mission to build a diverse and inclusive society and STEM industries

Daniela Felletti

Global inclusive recruiter, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging advocate at Talents Connection, Founder & Regional Leader of Lean In Bordeaux Network

Camilla Dybendal

Increasing number of women in business & tech

Heena Shaikh

Young woman entrepreneur helping woman grow so that they can identify their inner self

Hira Amjad

Working with survivors of violence across Pakistan, Hira works to counter gender-based violence and forge women rights

Madeeha Khan Yousafzai

Your coach to create a career and life you love

Rahila Narejo

CEO and Lead Consultant Narejo HR, Leadership Trainer, author, Executive career coach, licensed Psychometrician, NeuroLeadership practitioner

Dr Farah Essa Zaidi

Clinical educator, maternal and child health, women entrepreuneurs, physician, COVID frontline

Mahnoor Usman

Actress, podcast host, business analyst and executive and social worker

Neelam Nasir

Founder & Director of Women Technology House Pvt. Ltd, Young Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Event Manager

Samrah Azam Chaudhri

Philanthropist/ Motivational Speaker/ Trainer/ Consultant /CEO/ Director

Qaiser Nawab

Global Youth and Women Empowerment Activist, Global Dignity, Sustainability

Hira Anum

Peace Advocate and Strategic Communications Expert

Ambreen Khursheed

Startup Mentor and a PhD Scholar in Technology Entrepreneurship

Sister Zeph

Women’s activist, education leader, published writer, international speaker & community figure committed to fostering interfaith harmony

Ayesha Mehmood

Discussions about women's empowerment, women leaders, women's enterprenurship

Barrister hamna zain

Qualified Barrister from Lincoln’s Inn UK and practicing Advocate High Court in Pakistan

Javeria Malik

NGO Safety and Security Lead, Board Chair, Crisis Manager and Security Trainer

Dr Bushra Jamil

Scientist, CEO, Entrepreneur, PhD, Researcher, Microbiologist

Ilianibeth Rachell

Panamanian Talent Developer Coach who believes that today's income does not determine your future

Olay Rullan

Woman in technology, startup founder, diversity, empowerment by education and inclusion

Analou Vilarde

Global Peace Ambassador for the Philippines and social media strategist

Racquel Sarah Castro

Cerebral palsy do not hinder me to lead

Kel Santiago-Pilarski

Registered nurse with specialization in Urogynecology, former tattoo artist, transformed as I.T. writer and product evangelist

Viva Andrada O'Flynn

Multi-awarded entrepreneur, speaker, host, writer, and chef sharing love, joy, and inspiration with the world

Emily A. Tabamo

School-in-Charge of a small National High School with a heart to promote Women's right and inclusion.

Maria Carmela Zabala

Multi-passionate educator, truth-seeker, lifelong learner who helps women begin again

Stela Suils Cuesta

Lean In Portugal Regional Leader, Leader of Lean In Women In Tech, Community Builder.

Iryna Zolotarevych

Author of business books, TEDx speaker, author and blog host Woman Elevator Pitch

Jesno Jackson

Women leader, art curator, motivational speaker, Founder of Art4you gallery, art educator, award-winning artist

Suchitha Nair

Learning & Development expert, speaker & coach encouraging women to introspect & challenge self-limiting beliefs & rewrite life stories

Fatme Kayed

Empowering women around the world to become the best versions of themselves

Felicity Amure

An entrepreneur who has a passion to see women empowered in every dimension.

Olamide Omajuwa Alli

Passionate about women becoming confident, self aware and body positive

Modupe Darabidan

Technology, women and youth empowerment

Judy Mielke

Founder of, an open, curated and structured research funding database

Lauren Currie OBE

On a mission to democratise leadership development and boost women's confidence in a business context

Marisa Reich

Diversity Advisor, Coach, Chair of She Sports, 20 years international sports marketing & communications experience, training facilitator

Maja Schreiner

CEO and Founder of Sharing Tribe connecting untapped workforce potential in job-sharing positions

Kanchan Chanana

Women Founder Coach, Breaking Patriarchy & Hierarchy, Inclusion as Business Imperative ($, NPS), Bias for Action

Anu Olanrewaju

Meaningful conversations sparking positive change in minds who listen.

Daniela Felletti (she/her)

Multilingual Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Speaker passionate about human behavioural and educate humans into a more inclusive world

Sandra Lutz

Life Coach, Speaker and Writer

Dr Ruby Bakshi Khurdi

Award winning educationist and highly acclaimed powerful speaker on women empowerment in the global market

Manuela M. Froehlich

Champion for gender diversity and equality in Asset Management and Finance

Heidi Hauer

Empowering female leaders to live with intention and make a positive impact in the world while feeling at their best

Melitta Campbell

Business coach for women, Best-selling author, host of the 'Driven Female Entrepreneur' podcast

Gill Whitty-Collins

'Why Men Win At Work' author: Why we are still living in a man's world & how to make inequality history

Janene Liston

Trusted pricing strategist empowering small businesses to build the right pricing strategy and charge for the value they deliver

Pauliina Rasi

Communication strategist for small businesses with mighty missions

Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey

Award winning advocate for SDG5

Dr Gaya Gamhewage

Medical doctor, former journalist, senior manager at World Health Organisation in Geneva in Switzerland for 20 years

Gabriela Mueller Mendoza

Energetic, inspirational, motivational, professional multi-cultural and multi-lingual speaker

Leah de Souza

A trilingual, global citizen who has trained and coached thousands with one passion: to help others succeed in business and life.

Caron Asgarali

Helping others using the principles of building resilience adopted from her system the GAMESHIFTER

Sophia Delavari

Transformation coach helping to demystify fatloss

Claudine Reid MBE

Leading social entrepreneur, mentor, author, industry and government advisor, wife and mother

Julie Lewis

Inspiring women around the globe to access their inner mountain of potential, flourish and take a leading role in business and in life.

Emma Burdett

Founder of WILD (Women in Leadership Deliver) network, keynote speaker, moderator, transformational coach

Dr. Nairouz Bader

Global career powerhouse with +20 years of the market and business experience

Donya Saberi

Middle Eastern Educator based in Dubai actively promoting conversations amongst the community.

Ankita Sharma

Fierce feminist in all spheres of life with strong focus on mental health & a Self-Published Author

Dr Sue Mitchell

Stop the stress and bias through taking control of your mindset

Sudha Srivastava

President, Young Members Network at Graduate Women International

Penny power

Penny Power is the CEO and Founder of The Business Café

Mandy Hickson

Royal Air Force Fight Pilot, Coach and Author

Cynthia Fortlage

Award-Winning Gender Identity Speaker

Suswati Basu

Suswati Basu is a multilingual disabled intelligence expert and journalist

Sally Sabet

Multi award winner , senior leader , champion of women in tech , mentor

Yasmina Hedhli

Imposter syndrome specialist - Speaker, therapist, coach & trainer

Angie Mwafulirwa

Passionate about sharpening women, personal development and women's rights

Carol Stewart

Empowering women to lead with confidence, influence and impact, and helping companies be inclusive

Sarita Bahety

Promotes women in tech and business leadership with a focus on sustainability, cloud, privacy, Europe

Nicola Lowe

Helping women to reclaim their wellbeing and reverse the gender wellbeing gap

Sandra Trew

Parental Coach helping parents build stronger connections with their children

Dionne Condor-Farrell

Award-winning leader, tech career coach and speaker with 20 plus years experience in the tech industry

Kim-adele Randall

Leadership coach, author, podcaster, executive producer and consultant

Claire Lomas MBE

First and only paralysed person to walk the London Marathon

Susan Heaton-Wright

International speaker empowering women to communicate with clarity, confidence, credibility & impact in all business conversations

Laura Crow

Founder of social enterprise TalkThinkGrow

Belinda Parmar

Diversity campaigner and CEO of The Empathy Business, committed to transforming the world of work

Charlie Papworth

Human Resources Manager with two and half years experience within Marriott Ltd

Isabel Sachs

Creative producer, public speaker and podcast host

Zoe Evans

Founder & CEO of the Female Founder Squad

Raphaella Yver

Organising IWD for Accor Hotels UK Head Office and London General Managers with their ambassadors

Chikumo Fiseko

Food & marketing consultant specialising in content creation

Claire Lawrie

Advocate for diversity, inclusion and belonging, particularly for women and the LGBQT+ community

Joanne Hart

Resilience, well-being, nutrition, stress, energy

Dr Arpinder Bansi

Award-winning engineer, international speaker & trainer who went from designing space shuttles to empowering people to break out of systemic conditioning

Bonita Norris

Youngest British Woman to Summit Everest

Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson

16 time olympic medallist & record breaking paralympian

Capucine Loisance

Business Psychologist & Executive Coach on a mission to empower & unlock ambitious womens' careers

Lesley Ann Crook

A focus on improving the employee experience in the hybrid era.

Frances Holmes

Award winning founder of a Diversity and Inclusion data-focused start up

Martina Witter

Dynamic Motivational Speaker on Resilience, Imposter Syndrome,Mindfulness & Emotional Wellbeing

Gail Emms

Former Olympian, female motivational speaker

Anna Granta

Ex-software leader turned business owner speaking on Neurodiversity at Work and Recovering from Burnout

Cynthia Kesington

Life and fitness coach who is a superb motivator for women across the UK

Caitlin-Rose Lacey

Inspiring British born actress who features in the Prime Video show 'Find me in Paris'

Celiah Quansah

Rugby player who represented Team GB at the 2020 Summer Olympics after only starting playing at university

Meg Jones

England international rugby player who scored the winning tie in the 2017 Rugby World Cup semi-final

Giulia Fiorista

Service Designer, Design Researcher and all-rounder user-centred design expert

Siwan Smith

Award-winning Diversity & Inclusion specialist and Vice Chair: Board of Trustees, mentor and equalities champion

Adriana Morvaiova

Culture genie, spiritual Life Coach, TEDx Speaker, Diversity & Inclusion lead

Dr Rachel Ellison MBE

Former BBC broadcaster, now Executive Leadership Coach working internationally & inter-culturally with leaders worldwide

Vanessa Ugatti

Keynote sales speaker, trainer, coach helping service-based businesses get paid their true worth leading to a wealthier, healthier, happier life

Diana Parkes

Leading authority on women in the world of work

Prof. Claire Thompson

CEO, multi-award winning scientist and former footballer intent on inspiring young women and girls

Shahida Rahman

Author of historical fiction, writer and speaker, focusing on South Asian history such as Lascars and Ayahs

Yetunde Hofmann MBA CCIPD FRSA

Internationally accredited executive leadership coach with career in FTSE 100 Global companies

Bukiie Smart

Personal finance author & speaker at Save Spend Invest global educational platform, equipping young adults to manage money

Angela Spencer

Accredited life coach, mentor & speaker and former Head of Culture for one of the UK’s leading online retailers

Dr Elaine Sihera

Podcaster, writer, women and minorities wellbeing and empowerment advocate; diversity inclusion consultant

Emma Langton

Leadership & wellbeing expert sharing her adoption journey & professional experience in coaching & wellbeing to smash stereotypes & challenge bias

Samantha Gould

Creating a fairer UK pension system and closing the gender pensions gaps

Estelle Keeber

From Foodbank to Forbes - International speaker, Amazon #1 best seller and UKs leading Instagram Expert

Prof Joy Porter

Expert on Indigenous contributions to future prosperity, matriarchal governance, leadership in the Anthropocene, female Indigenous leadership

Kay Tear

Co-Founder of Business Reimagined, whose mission is to help people and businesses reach their potential

Khadija Maaref

Author and motivational speaker

Boyce Ceylan

Gender equality in entrepreneurship, Motivates women business owners to dream bolder, strive stronger, play by their own rules

Palak Tewary

Management Professional, Accountant, Writer, Poet, Content Creator, Coach, Mentor, Trainer

Annabel Harper

Author, Women’s Leadership Development in Middle East, speaker, executive Leadership Coach, former BBC, ITN & C4N journalist

Belinda Parmar OBE

CEO of The Empathy Business, and a diversity campaigner committed to transforming the world of work

Mary Mcguire

Best-selling author of The Female Edge, Mary is a passionate speaker on female leadership and how to thrive against the odds

Archita Sivakumar Fritz

Employee engagement, workplace culture, storytelling, leading through change, thriving as a woman of color

Marie Hemingway

Speak Out on workplace bullying and harrassment

Sophie Edmond

Working with women to arrive, drive and thrive in all aspects of their career and life

Emma Waltham

Maternity returner specialist, assisting organisations in re-engaging, supporting and developing returner talent

Jenni Retourné

Founder of Willowberry skincare, British Beauty Council's Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity Committee member, representing age diversity in beauty

Gillian Jones-Williams

A best-selling author and speaker on Women's Empowerment and Coaching Culture

Simi Rayat

Empowering Women of Colour to elevate their leadership brilliance

Michelle Raymond

HR Consultant, Visibility Strategist & award-winning TEDx Speaker

Paula Sheridan

Inspiring others to take action to close the gender gap in leadership

Tanya Bardsley

Author, TV personality and pioneer reality star on The Real Housewives of Cheshire

Lee Mckenzie

Passionate and successful figure who has seen great success in journalism and broadcast world

Carly Booth

Highly decorated golfer and passionate mental health advocate, seeks success in all areas of her life

Cheryl Chapman

Life Purpose Mentor guiding 30+ Women to a clear purpose, connecting with Collaborative people and creating increased prosperity

Serena Williams

Founder of bump & glide, perinatal expert supporting individuals and organisations through a pivotal transition in women's lives and careers

Amy Dowden

Professional dancer and entertainer who is best known for her time spent on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’

Dr Elizabeth Blakelock

Disability, neurodivergence and climate change

Anju Solanki

Inspirational Diversity & Inclusion Thought Leader; DEI Consulting Firm founder; Cherie Blair Foundation for Women mentor; Diversity expert & BBC commentator

Lily Woi

Unlocking people’s full potential to succeed as empowered leaders

Daniela Felletti (she/her)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant & Educator

Nicola Semple

Engaging, energetic speaker on career confidence, successful boundaries and mindfulness

Pru Porretta MBE

Coventry's official Lady Godiva devoting time to charitable causes

Shola Kaye

Keynote Speaker on empathy, communication and DEI

Ayan Said

Eliminating the shame and stigma normalising gender-based violence in marginalised communities

Ella Barrington

Award-winning business owner and reformed engineer who carved her career in the ambitious world of motorsport

Alison Taylor

CEO of CAF Bank and CAF Charity Services

Delight Mapasure

Dragon’s Den participant, award winning entrepreneur who successfully launched a six figure food brand from her kitchen table

Florence Bavanandan

Founder of Clear Voice is a communication expert, SOM Accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator and Executive Coach

Uta Boellinger

Business owner and single mother. After getting her degree whilst working full time with a child Uta set up her now thriving nutrition clinic during lockdown!

Sharon Amesu

Multi-award winning professional speaker, leadership specialist and Diversity and Inclusion lead

Sherifat Muhammad Kamal

You are not alone, menopause, wellbeing and coping

Janice Crompton-Brough

Nurturing joy, creativity & deeper connection in challenging times & empowering you for positive mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing

Asmat Syed

Eating for Health and Vitamin D campaigner, public health nutritionist, trained medical doctor, researcher

Sian Prigg

Encouraging young women to start sooner in making brave career decisions

Shola Kaye

Author and communication expert, helping women express their value in the workplace with power, precision and authenticity

Christina Bastin

Discusses more humanity in investment so investment can serve humanity

Anna Lempriere

Confidence & Fear Inspiring Women to USE their Voices.

Anj Handa

Founder of Inspiring Women Changemakers, a dynamic movement of changemakers who speak up for women’s rights

Sarah Wolfenden

Senior Lecturer in Academic Professional Devt, chartered librarian, performance coach helping women achieve personal & professional goals

Hollie Whittles

Award winning TEDX speaker specialising in digital marketing, marketing, business strategy to inspire business women

Angela De Souza

Motivational speaker, trainer and founder of the national business support network, Women’s Business Club

Dila Küpeli

Engineer and volunteer passionate about "Social Gender Equality"

Ms. Athuhaire Grace

Inzu Foundation Humanitarian life represents someone that is boundless and selfless

Jo Howarth

Speaks on happiness, mindfulness, mental wellbeing in an inspiring, fun and interactive way

Freya Ingva

Award-winning, international Diviner explaining how dowsing helps women

Suki K Bassi

Engaging, funny and thought-provoking speaker

Liza Layne London Community leader who actively champions inclusion and diversity

Lauren Lunn Farrow

PR and Media Industry guru with 15 years cutting-edge industry experience

Hania Mohiuddin

Aerospace Engineering speaker working on Ejection Systems, Aircraft Landing Gear Systems, UAV Systems, Unmanned Vehicles, Human Powered Aircraft

Khayala Eylazova

Founder of Women in Insurance Tech, Women in Insurance & Tech Awards, public speaker and passionate advocate for D&I

Virginia Mendez

Award winning Author, international speaker and founder of "one conversation at a time, that is how we change the world"

Tony Craddock

Diversity in changing times - how the payments industry is setting out to address gender inequality

Eve Tomlinson

Communications expert and trainer

Debra Searle MVO MBE

Unconscious Bias Speaker, solo Atlantic rower, professional adventurer, Founder of MIX Diversity Developers Limited

Favour Onabanjo

Mompreneur, start-up and business development coach, and Founder of TalentsBrand.

Clare-Louise Knox

Making reproductive health ‘normal’ in the workplace and smashing the invisible glass ceiling

Debra Charles

Dyslexic entrepreneur, futurologist, public speaker and policy influencer

Favour Onabanjo

A full-time management accountant and mother, student, trainer, coach and author

Gosia Syta

Personal Impact Expert helping women in male-dominated industries step into bigger roles by developing their leadership presence

Mandie Holgate

Belief and confidence can override any obstacle; - and only you can stop your ultimate success

Dina O'kitch

Public speaker, mental health awareness raiser

Faith Ruto MBA

Global inspirational speaker

Paris Bartholomew

Challenging you to survive life's ups and downs, grow from the negative and inspires you to be positive on your journey

Michelle Lynch

rRnewables, green chemistry, batteries, fuel cells, recycling, power-to-x, consulting, thought leadership, multiclient reports

Dr Daksha Trivedi

Scientist, public health researcher, cancer survivor and health equality campaigner

Heather Butcher

Book launch of African Christian fellowship educational programme with true inspirations

Julia Lynch

Founding Director, Global Citizen, Capoeirista, proud feminist mobilising girls in developing world to be change-makers in communities

Cecilia Jastrzembska

Award-winning women's rights public speaker, ambassador for 50:50 parliament

Ellen MacArthur

Solo long-distance yachtsman who broke the world record for the fastest solo circumnavigation of the globe

Paula Radcliffe

3x London marathon winner and former fastest female marathon runner of all time

Laura Topper

International thought leader, speaker and founder of the Women of Power Movement

Bianca Miller Cole

Award-winning entrepreneur, Sunday Times Bestselling Author and personal branding expert

Roz Savage

Ocean Rower, environmental advocate, Guinness World Record holder and United Nations climate hero

Jo Salter

First female fighter jet pilot in the RAF and Director of Global Transformative Leadership for PwC

Ellie Simmonds

Former Paralympic Swimmer, 5x Paralympic Gold Medallist, 10x World Champion & BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year 2008

Inga Beale

First Female CEO of Lloyd's of London in 328 Years

Stella Rimington

First female Director-General of MI5, Non-Executive Director of Marks & Spencer, appointed DBE

Helen Sharman

First British Person and Western European Woman in Space & First Woman to Visit the Mir Space Station

Nicola Adams

First female to win Olympic Boxing Gold Medal, first same-sex couple on Strictly Come Dancing, Most Influential LGBT Person in Britain

Katie Piper

Victim of horrific acid attack, body positivity activist, television presenter and Pride of Britain Award Winner

Esther Akitoye

Life Coach, wellbeing and wealth coach

Rachel Wells

Entrepreneur, Performance Manager, and Corporate Career Coach motivating women to live outside the box

Ruby Wax

Mental health campaigner, Sunday Times Bestseller, Appointed Honorary OBE for Services to mental health

Kanya King

Founder of the MOBO Awards, one of London's Most Influential People and in the Powerlist of Britain's Most Influential Black People

Kelly Holmes

Two times Olympic Gold Medallist, Former British 800m Record Holder, Former Member of the Royal Army Corps and Founder of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

Jill Scott

Professional Footballer, 2008 FA Players’ Player of the Year, 2011 FA International Player of the Year, England’s 2nd Most-Capped International Footballer, I’m A Celeb Queen of the Jungle

Karren Brady

Former MD of Birmingham City FC, Vice Chairman of West Ham United FC, aide to Lord Alan Sugar on The Apprentice & Baroness Brady Conservative Life Peer in the House of Lords

Susie Wolff

Former professional racing driver, former team principal of VENTURI Formula-E Racing Team and co-founder of Dare To Be Different

Michelle Visage

Judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Co-Host of The RuPaul Show and winner of the 2020 Attitude Awards Ally Award

Pendo (Jess)

Be a Voice, not an Echo. Each of us have a Voice within us

Rebecca Adlington

2 x Olympic Gold Medallist Swimmer, Former British, Commonwealth, European, Olympic and world record holder in the 800m Freestyle

Jessica Ennis-Hill

Olympic Gold Medallist, Former British Record Holder in Hurdles and 100m, 3 x World Champion and 1 x European Champion

Jo Fairley

Co-Founder of Green & Black’s, Founder of Judges Bakery, The Wellington Centre and The Perfume Society

Sam Quek

Former field hockey player, Defender for England and Team GB, Olympic gold medallist and Team Captain on Question of Sport

Kate Richardson-Walsh

Most capped British female hockey player and former England hockey captain for 13 Years

Gerrie Hawes

Corporate behavioural psychologist working with global companies

Diana Parkes BSc BSc MBPsS

How to embrace the truth about your worth, to enjoy your best working life, from today

Lillian Lartey

A De-stress and Wellness Coach helping overworked professionals and business owners reduce stress, avoid burnout and feel calm, balanced and energised for life and work.

Emma Henderson MBE

Former airline Captain & TV star turned award winning UK wide charity CEO

Joy Burnford

Gender equality trailblazer, Author of bestselling book 'Don't Fix Women', Speaker, Podcast host, CEO of Encompass Equality

Lulu sinkinson

Model & singer from Manchester ready to speak about empowerment, equality, success & spread awareness

Peju Abuchi

Princess & a Poet: Words will set your world on FIRE

Yvonne Harley

Newly appointed granny, this tattooed biker and executive of a UK listed company reveals why some leaders are born women

Denise Maxwell

Professional photographer who has photographed people such as Barack Obama, Usain Bolt, Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey

Susie Ramroop

Energising and inspiring specialist in breaking unhelpful thought patterns like imposter syndrome

Paris Bartholomew

Former secondary school teacher inspires you to survive the storm, grow and inspire others to do the same.

Ama Agbeze

Former Commonwealth Games England Netball Captain whose experiences shaped her resilience, success & failure

Zoe Thompson

Inspirational Keynote speaker and lifestyle coach

Louise Manico

PR professional and former journalist with a passion for helping people see how great they really are

Dr. Marion Bevington

Award-winning author, mentor and Fun Yoga guru who used to program computers now she de-programs people

Jenny Garrett OBE

Leading Women's Empowerment Inspirational Speaker

Aisling Conboy

Higher Education specialist passionate about women's leadership and diversifying expert panels

Julie Dennis

Menopause specialist partnering with organisations to raise awareness, educate and introduce menopause as an inclusive topic

Deirdre Mc Gettrick

Ex investment banker turned tech entrepreneur

Suzi B

Wellbeing coach, trainer and author

Sapna Pieroux

Multi-award winning brand consultant, designer, author, speaker, mentor and survivor

Vivienne Schadinsky

Fine artist of contemporary and environmental art and inspired by nature

Sophie Theen

Sophie is an award winning woman in tech with a mental health and diversity, inclusion & equality champion

Anna Lempriere

Discussing authenticity in a perfect world and how can we find the courage to Speak Easy

Sophie Hebdidge

Using education to work towards a world where tech startups are founded by anyone

Egbe Manton

Entrepreneur, international lawyer, IWD keynote topic "why female entrepreneurship is a non-negotiable at the investment table"

Victoria McLean

Founder of City CV, a global careers consultancy

Abigail Ireland

Peak performance strategist specialising in enabling individuals & businesses take performance to next level with more energy, focus, less stress

Nicole Ponsford FRSA

Award-winning educator, Havard author and thought-leader for education of all ages

Stephanie Jordan

Bee-liever of a more positive world and Co-Founder of the world’s most planet positive spirit

Rachael Burford

Rugby Union player and RPA Player of the Year

Alexandra Knight

Award winning engineer, public speaker and inclusion advocate

Codilia Gapare

Cancer survivor and inventor of false eyelash for cancer patients

Sallee Poinsette-Nash

Founder and vocal pioneer of the importance of being human in business

Ksavi Joshi

Helping women unleash their inner and outer beauty, confidence and worth to live a happy and fulfilled life

Liz Rotherham

Building resilience and the truth about mental health and wellbeing

Ali Miles-Jenkins

Empowering Women Over 50 to Start & Grow the Business of their Dreams

Jane Smith

Deputy leader of Animal Welfare Party and the UK's first-ever elected animal rights councillor

Holly Budge

Everest summiteer, First Woman to Skydive Everest, Founder of How Many Elephants NGO & World Female Ranger Week

Esther Knight

Advocate, speaker and panelist for sustainable fashion, equality, sustainability generally, human trafficking and circularity

Julie Goddard

Motivational Coding® – unlocking deep resilience and powerful influence so you achieve the rewards and recognition you deserve

Dr Finn Mackay

Expert on UK feminist activism against male violence and speaker on intersectionality, published on LGBTQI+ identities

Ugo Arinzeh

Dynamic, successful entrepreneur with a unique global outlook inspiring & helping other women start their own businesses

Lucy Griffiths

Video Strategist and Coach empowering women to find their voice

Hiroo Chothia

Experienced international business strategist, executive coach, non-exec director, speaker and author

Michelle Okwudiafor

Communications specialist, soft skills trainer, personal brand and confidence coach for emerging leaders

Sarah Landry

Advocating Talent through Innovation. Be Bold, Disruptive and Inquisitive!

Kate Harrison

Women in leadership and gender diversity in executive recruitment

Cara de Lange

International burnout expert, speaker & founder; Softer Success author

Karen Liebenguth

Green Space Coaching founder discussing benefits spending time in Nature on physical & mental wellbeing.

Anushka Sharma

Naaut founder providing innovation strategy to space agencies, startups, academia, AI accelerators, primes and tech companies

Zita Holbourne

Award winning human rights & trade union campaigner; Author, visual artist, poet, curator, designer & writer

Frankie Dewar

Resilience, grit, bravery and joy: Life lessons from overcoming hardship, accessing the outdoors and chasing adventure

Hanna Andersen

Leadership Coach & Diversity Champion on a mission to make work better

Madeleine F White

Nina-Iraq magazine’s founder, published author, journalist and leading international storytelling consultant

Hayley Barnard

Specialist in Unconscious Bias and D&I in the workplace

Erika Percival

Founder and CEO of Beyond Governance Ltd

Sarah Khan

Award-winning international leadership mentor & trainer featured in BBC & Huffington Post

Hira Ali

Author of award-winning book, multifaceted coach and speaker

Marlen von Roth

Sales Director EMEA at SUSE an international software company, mentor, passionate advocate for women in tech

Detola Amure

Passionate about helping working mothers maximise time so they can manifest their dreams

Fiona Daniel

First and foremost a carer, business owner and inspiring black female and company award winning passionate D&I leader

Natasha Eeles

Delivering education and training on gender equality and women's rights

Rachel Morgan-Trimmer

Inspirational neurodiversity expert with lived experience of ADHD, autism, late diagnosis and recovery from severe mental illness

Debo Harris FCA

Lean In UK founder passionate about bringing practical ‘Aha!’ breakthroughs drawing on board, entrepreneur & sponsor-mentor experience

Adaku Efuribe

Empower women advocate, pharmacist, writer and funder AWPWA - a health promotion initiative

Claire Trivino

Character comedian providing hilarious and thought provoking entertainment tailored to your event

Hayley Fairclough

Communication coach empowers young women to achieve their career goals through language psychology

Candyce Costa

Founder of Tech & Women magazine; Digital marketeer; Passionate about technology, gender equality & diversity

Deirdre Coyne

Ambassador of Menopeace, practiced speaker, and expert in women's health

Samantha Baldwin

Founder of Phonics Stars, working with children and families to make a difference and offer opportunities

Julie Linforth

Supporting senior corporate women in their career, companies and connections

Kiechelle Degale

Speaker & trainer with over 20 years of experience passionate about women empowerment & developing self confidence & self esteem

Lisa Leonce

International Career Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker and Author

Cheryl Thompson

UK-based Northern, straight talking, and broad experienced leader

Kavita Basi

Author, speaker, ecoActivist, YouTuber, Founder

Cally Beaton

Speaker, broadcaster and stand-up comedian

Ishreen Bradley

Facilitating Senior and C-suite leaders to gain the clarity and confidence required to achieve their next level of success

Dr Nikita Hari

Academic, scientist, engineer and edtech entrepreneur

Carole Ann Rice

One of UK's leading life coaches for billionaires, supermodels, scientists and mums

Laura Kennington

British adventure athlete, author and speaker with a passion for the endurance capability of the human body

Cheryl Chapman

International multi-award winning speaker, mentor an author helping women to be seen, be heard and be you

Victoria Baptiste

Photographer challenging perceptions through powerful imagery and founder of The Beautiful You Movement

Priya Brown

Passionate about equality for all and standing in the local elections for the Women’s Equality Party in Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK

Fareeha Usman

Founder & CEO of Being Woman; Multi award winner of We are the City Rising Star, GBEA, & Dynamo North East Rising Star

Dr Yoriko Otomo

Mother-scholar enabling young researchers around the world to connect and succeed

Gemma Taylor

Britain's Strongest Woman, entrepreneur, single mother

Esther Lawton

Fertility Women’s Health Practitioner offering insight into transforming health naturally

Dee Murray

Specialising in everything related to menopause

Gemma Dobson

How women can gain confidence and improve leadership in the workplace through sport

Dr. Diahanne Rhiney BCAe

Inspirational speaker on social change, intersectionality and empowerment

Puteri Sofia Amirnuddin

CIRI Chief Project Officer, programme director and senior Law lecturer

Chitrah Karthigeyan

Helping women reclaim their personal power and reignite their passion

Shereen Kaur Sukha Singh

Working with brands like L’Oreal, Tohtonku, Laura Mercier, Petronas, Sunrise Group, and CIMB Bank

Azzahraa Annuar

You be You - has always been my motto. Women can have it all, just not at the same time and it is great!


Helping to prepare women who took career breaks to re-enter the workforce by coaching them about online networking & solid personal brand

Alix Airam Trimmer Espinosa

Feminist LGBTTTIQ+ labor lawyer and speaker, committed with diversity and inclusion, particularly for LATAM Women

Alma Arzate

Líder Multigalardonada de la Cadena de Suministro, Mexicana-Canadiense, Top 100 de las Mujeres más Destacadas en Cadenas de Suministro Globalmente

Alejandra Lona

Latin transformational leader with more than 20 years of experience in multiple industries leading global teams,

Adriana Segovia

Using Thru Positive Psychology to help women discover their purpose in life and have happier lives

Sarita Bahety

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships Sales, EMEA

Lena Nasiakou

Embodiment for Female Empowerment

Ashmita Krishna Sharma

Advocate for inclusion on the (virtual) workfloor

Mira Vasic

Training female top talent to become more visible, better negotiators, more influential and impactful

Melissa Romero

Founder and Chair of Lean In Netherlands

Kylie Hawker-Green

An engaging communications professional who speaks on community empowerment

Bonita Nuttall

Former Investigative Journalist, TV Host, Speaker, Coach passionate about helping women Turn Up the YOU!


Rewa represents a fusion of High Finance and Visual Arts; an equities portfolio manager and globally renowned visual artist.

Yemi Lawal

Entrepreneur, consultant, and mentor passionate about inspiring, empowering and equipping women and youths for a brighter tomorrow

Glory Godwin

Entrepreneur and women advocate with emphasis on the girl child

Yvonne Marshall

International Human Resource Development professional making the case for Etiquette in Business and all spheres of life and living

Helen Nelson Inyang

Founder and CEO of Motheraid, activist and social entrepreneur

Chinyere Kalu

Developmental Advocate,prolific and passionate speaker and a Women's woman.

Deborah David

Inspirational speaker passionate about professional career women working with the right mindset on their journey to c-level positions

Habiba Balogun

Organisation Effectiveness Consultant, DEI Specialist, Gender Champion, Executive Coach, Trainer, Social Justice Activist

Kemi Olawoye

Femtech, entrepreneur, thought leader

Dr Ebere Njoku

Author, speaker and certified life coach

Dr Zainab Shinkafi-Bagudu

Breaking barriers through partnerships: Experiences from a first lady, health practitioner and Founder of a cancer body

Soyem Osakwe

Strategic communications consultant helping executives become recognizable global leaders and leading communication initiatives for GBV

Mary Ihejirika

Gender is societal configuration

Ruth Zubairu

Tech Founder promoting Digital Education as a tool for economic empowerment and financial inclusion for women

Uzoma Agba

Business catalyst, digital and brand strategist with a passion for creating impact driven solutions for professionals, corporate organisation and startups

Dr. Omopeju Belinda Afanu

Motivational and passionate speaker focused on women and youth empowerment. Certified business development expert as a Facilitator, Mentor and Speaker

Praise Obaribirin

Amazon author, voice over talent, public speaking coach and child bullying advocate

Oreoluwa Lesi

Award-winning Technology & Gender Specialist nurturing future female innovators, creators & entrepreneurs

Solape Akinpelu

Author & CEO/Co-founder at HerVest, an inclusive fintech pioneering inclusive finance for financially underserved & excluded African women

Anyasor Faith

Women are Warriors not wallpaper

Claudine Reid MBE

Leading social entrepreneur, mentor, author, industry and government advisor, wife and mother

Natsune Oki

Japanese woman entrepreneur, International Speaker, Author, Happiness & Business in Western & Eastern Philosophy Communicator

Jennifer Shinkai

Inspirational and energising Japanese/ English facilitator focused on inclusion and ikigai

Monika Jain

Sustainability Engineer by passion and a full time entrepreneur currently crusading the recycle diamond market

Yelizaveta Kamilova

Librarian from Kazakhstan, coordinator of the annual week of women event

Sophia Ngugi

Gender specialist with expertise in international humanitarian and development non governmental organisations

Nivi Sharma

Expert of technology, innovation, and education in emerging markets and COO of BRCK

HH Sheikha/ Intisar AlSabah

A peace maker in the Arab world through the empowerment and the catharsis of women affected by war

Christina Khater

When you speak your story, you inspire others to write their own and be the lead of their own life

Annica Törneryd

Award-winning mentor, former kickboxing champion and keynote speaker

Lucy Gernon

Female Empowerment and Career Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Mindset Expert

Daniela Felletti

Multilingual Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Speaker passionate about human behavioural and educate humans into a more inclusive world

Sally Murphy

Tedxwomen speaker igniting people, organisations and cultures through the power of great stories, well told

Daniela Felletti

Consultant Internazionale in Diversità e Inclusione, Leadership Inclusiva, Community Builder, Changemaker

Julia Barnes

Boss teacher, teacher entrepreneurship trainer, Online course creation coach, author

Syeda Zainab Fatima

Mommy blogger, content creator, social media manager, storyteller and motivational speaker

Shruti Swaroop

Inclusion advocate and consultant, Founder of EMBRACE® a program on promoting respect and equity for all, writer, speaker, HR consultant

Laxmi Todiwan

Hospitality professional, corporate trainer, Founder Indian Women in Hospitality, blogger, writer, motivational speaker

Nirmala Rani

Development sector professional for over 23 years holding a masters from Eastern University, Pennsylvannia

Priya Florence Shah

Award-winning publisher of and an online branding consultant at who helps her clients go from unknown to well-known

Deepa Govind

Homeprenuer®, mentor and virtual chat show host

Mitusha Arya

Biomedical Engineer turned Software Developer with a keen interest in conflating health with technology

Shruthi Maitreya

Shruthi Maitreya is founder of Maitreyas International who is educating the women about their inner strength and their spiritual evoluation

Dr. Ankita Raj

Social policy analyst; Educator in gender

Richa Srivastava

Educationist with 20 years of experience having expertise in the field of Education Management, Capacity Building, Design, Sustaina

Sirisha Tangirala

HR leader, avid marathoner and certified nutritionist

Saman Fatima

DEI Champion, Cyber enthusiast, passionate learner, women leader

Arpita Chowdhury

Youth leader & volunteer, Jazbaat Foundation founder

CA Payal Goel

CA, CS, M. Com, Keynote Speaker, Passionate about Human Psychology and a Fitness Enthusiast

Mini Chhabra

Tips for Self Empowerment

Durva Leena Arun

Feminist, Generalist, Techie and Lean In Circle Leader

Sarika Atif Hussain

AI Leader-University of Texas Austin, MIT-Data Science & ML Learner, Transformation Manager

Dr Anshu Gupta

Selfless Lady Serving Mankind

Payal Rajpal

Payal Rajpal a Futurist, Educationist and Entrepreneur

Ashima Purohit

Passionate technologist and director of engineering at FreshWorks

Payal Nanjiani

Recognized by the TIMES Group as the most influential leadership speaker and executive coach

Rtn Varalakshmi Balaji

Chartered Accountant, motivational speaker, Author, Equity Market Research Analyst

Lisen Ydse Christiansen

Delivering a unique perspective on leadership, innovative and creative solutions to social challenges, and community building

Mirna Ayshoa

Iraqi woman from a minority group, whose life was threatened for women’s equality and education

Ingrid Seim

Coach and leadership consultant, personal and organisational development designed to support and retain female talent

Aoife Gaffney

Empowering women to take control of their financial freedom

Alana Kirk

Best-selling author, journalist, motivational midlife coach & speaker empowering women to redefine midlife

Dr Maeve Lankford

Motivational speaker and successful solopreneur with over 25 years experience promoting equality and women's development

Laura O’Connell

Professional coach, Founder of Corks Entrepreneurs Network, IWD ambassador and event organiser

Beatriz Ramírez David

Consultora en Temas de Mujer y Género, Facilitadora Social y Comunitaria, Conferencista, Online Speaker, Escritora

Kouassi Adjoua Ange Marie Felicienne

Campaigner for body confidence and internet safety, advocate for women in traditionally male-dominated careers

Dr. Iman Bibars

Renowned women's empowerment activist

Sally Said

Certified parenting Coach-Icf, certified child psychology, over 15 years of experience in management of diverse industries

Daniela Felletti

Multilingual Diversity, Equity & Inclusion speaker passionate about human behavioural & educate humans into a more inclusive world

Cecilia Poullain

International Executive Coach for Professional Women speaking about how to express emotions at work professionally and constructively

Nirina Ralantoaritsimba

Multicultural artist-pedagogue & researcher passionate helping people challenge their perspectives through art & creativity

Sylvia DY

Part of my professionnal duties evolves around communications

Hon Fatoumatta Njai

One of three elected female MPs sharing stories of successful campaigns

Katharina Mueller

Feminist, entrepreneur, tuberculosis survivor, traveler and dreamer on a journey from Montblanc to Africa and the UN

Lisa Altenpohl

Feminist, activist, keynote speaker, actress, coach focused on female empowerment, trainer, and female educator

Annika von Redwitz

Diversity Advisor and Coach, happily sharing her experience with a Swedish accent

Cornelia Kunze

Entrepreneur, author, speaker & Chair of international board of Global Women in PR, 30 years international experience in PR

Margie Witko

Business strategy speaker for female entrepreneurs

Natalee Johnson

Balancing life, work, education and being a single mother

Natalee Johnson

Founder of Passion 4 Dreams Inc. & LJ Legacy Impact Foundation

Tammy Heermann

Speaker, Author, Mindset Shifter replacing the tired ‘think manager, think male’ stereotype with Think Leadership, Think Female

Animwaa Obeng-Akrofi PhD

Highly rated & engaging Inclusion, Equity & Diversity facilitator, Inclusive hiring expert, Change manager, Evaluator, Motivator & Entrepreneur

Alisa Camplin

Mindset, resilience & human performance speaker and former Olympic champion

Louise Corbett

Founder of Women Empowered, certified coach in speaking and presentation

Dilesha Stelmach

Equity advocate and STEMthusiast

Mona Andrei

From struggling, single mother to Top 100 humor blogger, author, and speaker.

Dr Tapo Chimbganda

Global feminist scholar, published writer, Diversity and Inclusion expert

Despina Debbie Papadakis

Registered Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trainer and Author

Amal Alhuwayshil

TEDx speaker, Highly engaging, educational and inspiring keynotes, Leadership Coach, Top 40 Under 40 and recently met Oprah Winfrey

Tracy Pepe

TedTalk speaker sharing journey as a mother with a child on the spectrum

Lisa Kearney

Advocate and champion for women in cybersecurity

Belinda Clemmensen

Founder of the Women's Leadership Intensive

Heather Odendaal

Forbes contributor, Entrepreneur bridging Gender Power Gap by elevating women in leadership pipeline

Deborah Sloboda

Advocate for women in STEM working to ensure gender equity in all things science

Hilary Borndahl

Passionate leader on a mission to empower women to live to their full potential

Othalia Doe-Bruce

Blockchain Advisor, Educator and Speaker, Author, President & Founder The Innovative Financier, CEO InnovFin Consulting Inc.

Ifeoma Esonwune

Women empowerment and gender equality advocate, communication strategist, global entrepreneur, business and leadership coach

Tammy Heermann

Speaker, Author, Mindset Shifter

Alma Arzate

Award-winning Global Supply Chain Leader, Mexican-Canadian, Top 100 Most Influential Women in Supply Chain Globally

Rhonda Choja

Personal growth enthusiast and change leader

Victoria Jahesh

Executive Director of Afghan Women's Centre of Montreal, diversity and inclusion speaker

Katlyn Kotila

Motivational Speaker, 2SLGBTQ+ Leader, Mental Health Advocate, & Former Pageant Queen

Margaret Dennis

TEDx Speaker, Life & Business Coach to Female Entrepreneurs & Leaders, with a specialty in Grief, shoe junky

Erin Ransom

Award-winning Vice President of Revenue Operations at Sierra Wireless

Charlotte Sista C Ferrell

Holistic Health & Creative Arts radio host, poet & filmmaker helping create age-friendly cities

Lindsay Dent

Connector, Entrepreneur, Instructor, Podcast Host, Speaker, Writer, Mentor

Oluneye Oluwole

A Storyteller, Author, International Speaker, LinkedIn Livestream Host, Congressional Recognition Award Recipient and Serial Entrepreneur

Iyore Olaye

Award-winning technology leader, advisor, and world-renowned speaker for Technical and Non-Technical audiences

Anu Pala

Promoting diversity and inclusion through authenticity, real stories, and creativity

Emily Nichols

Working with organizations to equip engineers with human skills, so they can become better problem solvers, team players, and leaders

Vanessa Vakharia

Known as The Lady Gaga of Math Education with high-energy, engaging pep talks on making failure your BFF

Caroline Mohr

Former Golf professional and European champion who survived both an earthquake and cancer

Cecilia Liu

Can chronic or life threatening conditions be healed by Transformative Source Art?

Shalvi Mahajan

Leveraging data science and machine learning to create an impact on the real world

Suzan Yumerova

Turn Your Vision Into Reality

Pamela Kellert

Former Executive helping Women in STEM to elevate their leadership skills, confidence and impact

Esther Kyerewaa Twumasi

Advocate for massive involvement of young women in Agribusiness

Ruby Akua Bour-Donkor

Stop the violence campaigner, activist, trainer, leadership facilitator, advocate against period poverty

Ayo Ayoola-Amale

Conflict resolution consultant, facilitator and trainer, coach focused on trauma healing, culture and the arts

Sarah Anna Psalti Helbig

Music & Visual Artist, Mental Health Advocate

Karla Ruiz Cofiño

Digital strategist and social media specialist, entrepreneur, speaker, social activist and women advocate

Adriana Aguilar

Helping shape and build women's dreams and small businesses through technology and financial education

Piya Gajbe

Author, lawyer, chief editor & equal opportunities advocate working for women's education, financial security, legal rights, child protection

Sonia Kararha

Executive & Life Coach, Corporate Trainer & Consultant

Bharti Ayer

Bringing self awareness among women leaders

Neeraja Ganesh

Passionate to bring about a positive mindset shift among women and students with every interaction

Meera Tenguria

Women leadership communication - Using communication strategically to create change

Niharika Gautam

Multiple award winning and Internationally recognized Speaker

Tamanna Aggarwal

Confident, bold, fighter

Sangeeta Mehta

Sales, Marketing and Business Development Leader with experience in SA and SEA markets

Dipika Trehan

Corporate diva revolutionizing leadership with elements of womanhood

Akta Sehgal

Financial mentor with a keen focus on creating awareness to women through Wo-mentoring on Money Matters

Dr. Mitsu Chavda

Young achiever and life experience speaker

Monika Muddamshetty

Women leader, Director at IGT, DEI Evangilist, Chairperson ICT at IGT for POSH


Artist, writer, art curator, activist and philanthropist

Sauraveswar Sen

Women creating impact by pursuing careers in social development

Kirti Paliwal

Leadership coach, public speaker, corporate trainer, English Language trainer, ex-Head of Operations British Council

Rashmi Saha

Life coach, Mukty Mission founder, NLP Practitioner, TEDx speaker & organizer, REX Karamveer, State President Jharkhand, WICCI State Chair , poet

Prof (Dr) Padmakali Banerjee

Pro Vice Chancellor and Dean Academics at Amity University Haryana, thought leader and leadership coach

Dr. Chandrika Kambam

Women leader, motivational speaker, influencer, change maker

Priya Patra

Non linear thinker and futurist who is amplifying value

Lakshmi Sirisha Tadepalli

Principal consultant, Top 50 Women Leaders in India, Diversity & Inclusion leader, Founder of Aasra NGO

Dr Sujitha Karnad

Building technology solutions to enrich the life of every woman so she can be who she chooses to be

Dipika Trehan

Speaker on women's leadership development and bridging the gender gaps

Rishu Garg, Senior HR Leader, Equity Expert

Senior HR Leader, D&I expert, Passionate about building equitable workplaces

Lilian Kikuvi

Using African tribal framework to help individuals and businesses harness the benefits of diversity and inclusion

Uppma Virdi

Trailblazing female entrepreneur is a first generation Indian Australian migrant

Laura Piccardi

Stress management & performance expert specialising in helping women take total control of their careers, health & lives

Kristin Badger

Founder, senior executive, family office adviser, proud role model for female leadership

Sara Hales

Understanding the power and importance of women in leadership

Michelle Pascoe

International speaker, accredited trainer, researcher, author and podcaster addressing business growth and bringing teams on a journey of success

Claire Bibby

Award-winning lawyer, senior executive, non-executive director, motivational speaker, thought leader and life coach

Michelle Cowan

AFL/AFLW Coach, mother and mentor for Female Coach Academy

Janice Sutherland

Women's leadership expert, keynote speaker, author

Chaneil Imhoff

Mental health advocate and communications consultant

Laura Gaidulewicz

Diversity & inclusion leader, specialist in women's economic empowerment

Libby Trickett

Successful Olympic swimmer

Adimula Rebecca

17 year old handicapped NGO owner, motivational speaker and college student

Cassandra Petrella

Women's mental health registered psychotherapist and founder of not-for-profit I Love Me Campaign for teen girls mental health education

Sheena Yap Chan

Podcaster, building self confidence and representation for Asian women

Char San Pedro

Advocate and Founder of Good To Be Good Foundation

Jenny Okonkwo

Game changing community builder, founder of award winning Black Female Accountants Network

Tania DeSa

TEDx Speaker inspiring women to own their awesomeness across 4 continents

TracyAnn Schuur

Unleashing the wise woman within

Riya Mehta

Artificial intelligence & genomic researcher exploring different ways of applying AI in the future of genomic applications

Diane Demetre

Inspirational Speaker, Mindset Coach and Author

Renata Sguario

Chair of ASX Board (FFT) and founder and CEO of Human Skills development company - Maxme

Carole Cooper

South Africa apartheid protestor since 15 years of age and a continued advocate for women

Bhavi Devchand

Professional cricketer of Indian origin and born in Zimbabwe, overcoming cultural challenges to live her dream

Rabia Siddique

Multi award-winning international humanitarian lawyer, hostage survivor and passionate advocate for justice, equality and inclusion

Jacinta Callaghan

Nutritional Medicine and EFT Practitioner treating women with health conditions associated with daily emotional stress

Lucy Barnard

One of Australia’s most recognised Adventurers, Lucy speaks of exploration, pursuing the radicle, and what it’s taught her about risk vs reward

Stephanie Schmidt

2020 SA Agrifutures Rural Women's Award winner, clinical psychologist, farmer and mum of three boys

Renee Dvir

Cloudera Solutions Engineering Manager passionate about cultural and gender diversity in the workplace

Natalie Carrington

Founder and CEO of Bloom HR

Amy Warden

Respected rehabilitation ecologist, agricultural grazier and mother as well as a women for change in regional Queensland

Nikki Tiedeman

Mindfulness coach passionate about enabling successful professionals to slow down and find balance in life

Nerissa Trindade

Inspirational global speaker, international bestselling author, woman of colour with decade of experience as a Change and Transformation Leader

Teresa Janowski

Engineer with a track record of helping over a 1000 girls to study STEM and along the way become more confidant and bad ass.

Abbie Williams

Mental health charity founder, inspired by lived experience

Leisa Sadler

Dress for Success CEO discussing workplace gender equality, gender employment gap

Jilinda Lee

Outspoken feminist, national gender equality leader, author, speaker, and change champion

Elly Johnson

Former Aussie cop empowering women to live a life with less fear

Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb

Behavioural Scientist; Bias and Organisational Design Expert; Superstar of STEM; Women in Leadership MBA Lecturer

Mim Parisi

Speaker, coach and upcoming author on fearlessness who works with trauma survivors, schools and professional organisations

Heidi Dening

Empowering women to courageously find the opportunities in their challenges through practical strategies and mesmerizing storytelling

Dr. Dionne Payn

Wife, Mum, CEO and Founder of High Impact Property Investments

Rana Hussain

Pioneer and a passionate advocate for social inclusion and reducing discrimination through the vehicle of sports and media

Genene Wilson

Life-changing women's finance expert specialising in helping women take control of their money & life

Tendayi Ganga

Tendayi is here to ignite your light

Sarah Mak

Running a portfolio of profit-for-purpose companies that intersect storytelling, technology and social impact

Katherine Maslen

Naturopath, author, host of The Shift Podcast, innovation in healthcare, founder of Shift clinics, DV advocate, women in leadership and personal empowerment

Dr Anastasia Hronis

Clinical Psychologist, Founder of the Australian Institute for Human Wellness, Mental Health Advocate, Lecturer, Researcher and Concert Pianist

Monica Lunin

Author of 'What She Said', speaker, facilitator and experienced executive exploring the myths and truths of women and communication

Dr Sandy Chong

Award-winning business & sustainability expert, Harvard alumna, Ambassador of Australia Day Council & charities, Delegate at UN Commission on Status of Women

Rebecca Mason

Open heart surgery at age 31 then completed solo 23KM ocean swim from Perth to Rottnest Island two years later

Prina Shah

Prina helps you to Find Ways to Change YOUR Workplace

Sally Hetherington OAM

Young female building up a not-for-profit organisation, only to make herself redundant

Caroline Bellenger

Using transformation from childhood trauma, addiction and mental illness to successful entrepreneur and athlete to empower women globally

Irene Becker

Founder of agency 99aupairs and equality advocate

Akii Ngo (they/them)

Akii is proud disabled, chronically ill and LGBTIQA+ queer non-binary person of colour, from a refugee background

Amanda Phoon Nguyen

Perth Oral Medicine Specialist. Consultant Perth Children’s Hospital. Educator. Not-for Profit Board Director.

Sally McGrath

Empowering women's wellbeing in the workplace, preventing burnout, creating mental health hygiene & creating work & life synergy

Olga Lucía Gamboa Arana

Neuroscientist, ACT Coach, Mindfulness Teacher and Founder of EQness

Magdalena Poulin

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging expert drawing from her rich experiences of exclusion

Danielle Dobson

Author of Breaking the Gender Code, inspiring women to empower themselves, in business, in life, every day

Judy Porter

High in energy, fun, interactive & engaging!

Monica Rosenfeld

Storytelling expert, helping women re-write their story, shifting them from a feeling of powerlessness to powerful

Neha Chatwani

Organizational psychologist and coach with background in international Human Resources and organizational development

Sarah-Anna Awad

International climate change activist, United Nations speaker, and advocate for more women in power

Sherrell Storr

Business fixer and success strategist

Alicia A. Wallace

Queer Black feminist, WHRD, promoting women's rights as human rights, thematic areas of work include feminist policy, legislative reform, and international mechanisms

Dr. Marcia Brandon

Specialising in women economic empowerment through entrepreneurship

Giulia Marzetti

Sustainability and innovation expert advocating for a more equitable world

Tamara Makoni

Culture and inclusion specialist, and staunch advocate for gender equality

Dr. Candice Pitts

A woman with vigor whose struggles are a catalyst for opportunities and possibilities

Tawana Tannock

Human rights activist, mother, daughter and corporate managing director

Daniela Felletti

Consultora internacional em diversidade, equidade e inclusão

Tanya Jackson-Vaughan

CEO of Dress for Success discussing the gender pay gap, gender poverty and her work addressing these challenges

Maria Perera

Ambassador for women in construction and experienced CEO

Heidi Dening

Award-winning workplace resilience and self-leadership expert

Karen Gee

Entrepreneur, founder, creative director and motivational speaker advocating female empowerment

Kathleen O’Kelly-Kennedy

Adventurous, fun-loving Paralympian sportswoman, philanthropist and mentor

Melissa Barbieri

Soccer star overcoming challenges and sacrifice while being a passionate advocate of women’s health, women in sport, and diversity

Eliza Ault-Connell

Double amputee and international sportswoman raising awareness of Meningococcal disease

Carol Cooke

56-year-old competitive para cyclist and one of the most inspirational figures in Australian sport

Leanne Del Toso

Paralympian, Silver medalist and Australian Captain who embraces diversity, inclusion and leadership and loves sharing her story

Jessica Gallagher

Professional motivational speaker, osteopath, Director of Vision 2020 Australia and Ambassador of Vision Australia

Kim Green

From playing with the NSW Swifts at just 15 years old, this netball superstar has become a mentor and wellbeing enthusiast

Georgie Parker

Passionate and inspirational figure who shares her transition from hockey to football and her resilience, mental health and wellbeing

Lakeisha Patterson

A decorated Australian Paralympian with a never-quit attitude and an inspiring story of overcoming obstacles

Chelsea Randall

An engaging, dynamic and humble presenter who shares stories of leadership, her role within the AFLW and how to create the best version of yourself

Olivia Vivian

An Australian artistic gymnast with career stories of injury, adapting to team environments and bouncing back from complacency and laziness

Caitlin Basset

Captain of Australia's national netball team the Diamonds with experience in media

Bianca Chatfield

Media presenter, leadership speaker, MC, The Block 2018 contestant and former Australian netballer and Melbourne Vixens Captain

Rita Cincotta

Former HR Director and current speaker in areas of diversity and inclusion

Sahera Sumar

Global leadership consultant and Executive Director

Michelle Heyman

Australian soccer star who empowers women in sport and whatever they set out to achieve

Abbey Holmes

A household name in the AFLW and a key figure in the AFL media

Sharelle McMahon

One of Australia's greatest and most recognisable sportswomen with a successful career as a Diamond

Tayla Harris

AFLW star and professional boxer who represents the power of female determination and proudly advocates for breaking barriers in women's sport

Moana Hope

A talented WAFL player, business owner, and an advocate against sexism

Genevieve LaCaze

Two times Olympic finalist and Australian record holder aiming for Tokyo 2020

Imani MgGee-Stafford

NBL star who shares her powerful story about mental health, resilience, sports and being a black woman

Natalie Medhurst

Triple world championship player with the Australian Diamonds and Commonwealth Games Gold and Silver medallist

Joanna Weston

Part-time financial analysis and full-time professional netball player inspiring young girls around Australia

Kirsty Fields

Library technician who became a rugby lead player and business owner

Fabian Dattner

Globally recognised, award winning leadership expert, activist for women, speaker, author and facilitator

Anoushka Gungadin

Future of work, inclusive leadership and cultural intelligence specialist with 20 years career across Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa

Karly Nimmo

Top iTunes podcast host and teacher, guide and mentor to over 250 women podcasters

Clarissa Rayward

Wife, mum and divorce lawyer and owner of Happy Lawyer Happy Life.

Sandra D'Souza

Thought leader in social entrepreneurship, gender equality advocate, business & digital advisor, public speaker

Lisa LaMaitre

Award Winning connector, health educator, inspirer, business creative and PTSD Thriver

Kate Christie

Time management expert, best selling author, global speaker

Michele Gennoe

Professional speaker, author and innovator empowering women leaders in the digital age

Glin Bayley

Author of Unstoppable Woman helping women reveal the power of their heart to create leadership impact & cultivate confidence for the life they want

Dr Linda Wilson

Understand the science of change, procrastination and the emotional roadblocks to success.

Katherine Maslen

Clinical naturopath and nutritionist, Podcast Host of The Shift, best selling author, speaker, Founder and CEO of Shift

Jilinda Lee

Proud and passionate feminist, author, speaker and outspoken change champion

Trish Everett

Mindset cajoler, communication ninja and inner leader enticer

Therese Lardner

Corporate psychologist on a mission to stop women burning out by simplifying and getting rid of perfectionism

Obu Ramaraj

Money management expert helping women take control of their money and be happy

Jacqui Pollock

Founder at Human Leadership, Author, Speaker, Leadership & Family Coach

Mim Parisi

Former competitive boxer, owner of boxing gym that helps women achieve their goals and be the best version of themselves

Caroline Jean-Baptiste

Feel confident, inspired, and empowered with money. Become a kickass homeowner!

Evonne Englezos

On a mission to eradicate burnout by helping busy professionals master how they process psychological pressure and become MindStrong

Taz Dunstan

Athlete and personal training business guru, industry leader and innovator, expert motivator

Breana Bunce

Marketer and Non Executive Director rethinking community engagement and growth strategies

Saalihah Seedat

Mentor, personal development coach, social entrepreneur, philanthropist, thought leader

Virginia Herlihy

Gender parity expert, CEO & Founder of How Do You Do It - a group coaching for working parents

Alma Besserdin

Inclusive & Consciousness Leadership, women empowerment, motivational speaker, leadership coach & mentor

Dr Nora Sadek

Medical and cosmetic doctor and technical lead in a digital AI application

Sarah Morse

Sharing inspiring lessons from women around the world and drawing from her experience as a cancer nurse and humanitarian worker

Dawn Thomas

National winner of the 2019 AFA Female Excellence in Advice award

Brooke Boney

Star TV personality and champion of Indigenous people and culture.

Ashleigh Jade

One of the biggest TV personalities in Australia and a jack-of-all-trades.

Cherie Barber

Cherie Barber is Australia’s Renovation Queen™ and highly sought after public speaker

Ellie Carpenter

One of Australia's top footballers, Ellie has been setting the world alight since a young age

Mikaela and Eliza Greene

Surfing sisters Mikaela and Eliza Greene are ranked among the world’s top female surfers

Michelle Jenneke

one of Australia’s most well-known athletes, Aussie hurdler Michelle Jenneke is notorious for her pre-race dancing

Rosie Luik

Published author, model and on screen talent, Rosie has a real story that women can connect to

Sally Pearson

Sally Pearson is one of Australia’s greatest Olympians and one of the fastest 100m hurdlers in history

Justine Schofield

Justine Schofield is the poster girl for today’s busy, motivated career woman

Gronya Somerville

Australia's top female badminton athlete

Katie Stevens

Businesswoman, V8 Supercars Australia ambassador, and health, fitness & beauty expert

Lilian Tagliari

Free-diving, traveling, photography and extreme sports enthusiast

Bronte Campbell

Australia's most promising athletes who is best known for her 50m and 100m freestyle events

Tay-Leiha Clark

Australian Athlete quickly rising to the top of the world athletics scene

Tiarne Cockburn

Model for many top fitness brands and beauty industry educator

Tiffany Cromwell

Australian professional cyclist racing on the world tour with the German Registered Canyon//SRAM racing team

Anna Davey

Climber, ninja warrior semi finalist, qualified personal trainer, YouTuber and online coach

Holly Ferling

Cricket champion, commercial radio journalist and podcast host

Anna Flanagan

Olympic hockey player with sports journalism experience

Jessica Hull

Four-time Australian record holder in multiple middle-distance running events

Tessa James

Australian Actress featuring on some of Australia's favourite programs Home & Away and Neighbours.

Claudia Jovanovski

International covergirl, world champion bikini-fitness competitor, and professional swimsuit-fashion model

Alanna Kennedy

Superstar Matilda, Alanna Kennedy is one of the biggest names in female football

Leah Kingsley

Certified gymnastics coach and personal trainer practicing hand balance in her spare time

Aimee Massie

Professional skateboarder who has travelled the world competing in elite skateboarding competitions

Anna Meares

Only athlete in Australian Olympic history, from any sport, to win individual medals at four consecutive Olympic Games

Morgan Mitchell

Arguably the biggest name in world athletics

Kim Ravaillion

Widely acknowledged as the fittest player in world netball

Debbie Sugrue

YouTuber, podcast host and so much more

Laura Wells

Environmentalist, presenter and one of Australia’s top plus size models

Tracy Spicer

Multiple Walkley Award winning author, journalist and broadcaster

Linda Marigliano

Constant fixture in the Australian music scene for over 15 years

Neroli Meadows

Published journalist for 15 years with extensive experience in live sport, magazine shows, news and in-depth interviews

Julie Goodwin

One of the Australia's favourite home cooks

Manisha dagore

Break your silence and be the woman you always wanted to be

Wunmi Adebowale

Builder of Human Authenticity, Author, Writer, Life, Coach and Visionary

Apsara Hewage

Meeting everyday challenges to create better changed souls

Anju Jain

Senior psychologist, global HR leader, consultant and book author

Cemre Ulker

Human rights expert leading global development initiatives for the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Judy Hoberman

Author of "Walking on the Glass Floor"

Paulita Pappel

Film producer, performer, festival organizer and activist

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