International Women's Day 2024 Event Packs


 Get everything you need for your IWD 2024 event 

International Women's Day (IWD) Event Packs provide useful resources to help celebrate the big day. Support awareness-raising, enhance social media activity, and instantly create an engaging and memorable professional atmosphere.

Whether you're a company, government body, charity, hospital, library, retail outlet, professional network, community group, university or school - IWD Event Packs provide exciting and professional resources for IWD marketing, promotion, and delegate engagement.

Stock is limited and orders are filled on a first come basis. Individual, multi or bulk orders available.

International Women's Day resources

IWD 2024 Event Packs are packed with professional, re-usable, visually-appealing, easy-to-use resources:

  • 1 x IWD Registration Desk Tablecloth (180 x 130 cm / 70 x 50 inch)
  • 2 x IWD Cardboard Gloss Posters (100 x 26 cm / 40 x 10 inch)
  • 2 x IWD Bunting Lengths (10 m / 11 yd)
  • 5 x IWD Conversation Cards (each different, instructions provided)
  • 7 x IWD Pledge Cards for Social Media (each different)
  • 50 x IWD Cardboard Activity Cards (instructions provided)
  • 50 x IWD Pens with Purple Ink
  • 50 x IWD Purple Wristbands made from recycled fabric
  • 50 x IWD Lapel Pins
  • 50 x IWD Key Rings
  • 20 x IWD Purple Balloons - single use (10 helium-fill / 10 air-fill)
  • 1 x IWD Purple Curling Ribbon Spool (450 m / 492 yd)

Enjoy 288 items in total per Event Pack.

Current status:

  • UK: Orders closed
  • USA: Orders closed
  • AUSTRALIA: Orders closed
  • FURTHER COUNTRIES: Orders closed


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