Metlife Celebrates Internationa Women's Day

Our world is changing and we all play a role in driving the transformation in ourselves, our communities, and our workplace. Make a commitment and join the conversation to transform the future.


Hear from remarkable thought leaders who share their insights on leading and thriving in change, visualizing our future and the importance of women's leadership on our business in times of change. Learn how you can personally take action and make an impact to #transformthefuture.

Developing women as leaders

Through its Global Women's Initiative (GWI), launched in 2012, MetLife offers a wide array of programs and resources to increase representation of women in leadership roles, strengthen leadership capability in the talent pipeline and help women thrive in the company. With strong support from our CEO and the highest levels of leadership, we take a multi-faceted approach to attract, engage, and develop women as leaders. We also partner with external organizations to advance women globally including Be Leaderly, The Red Shoe Movement, Proud to be Latina among others ... learn more

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