Athena Hack 2021: Champion, encourage, inspire

When: April 12 2021

Where: Virtual, United Kingdom


Why: With Athena 2021, we want to help shine a spotlight on some of the amazing women and non-binaries working in the tech industry, inspire a generation of future talent, and support those trying to carve a path in a male-dominated industry.

> Attend a series of workshop talks and panel debates from leading industry experts.

> Submit a team and take part in a hackathon presenting ideas for the Circular Economy.

> Join our online event and get involved in the community to discuss all things tech.

At Athena Hack 2021, teams will be tasked with hacking together ideas and presenting them for the Circular Economy!

*What if I want to take part in the hack but don’t have a team?*
Don’t worry! There are lots of registrants who don’t have a team from the very beginning. You’ll be able to find and chat to others who are looking for a team on our Discord server.

*Do I need experience to take part?*
Nope - everyone is encouraged to take part, regardless of experience or ability! Practice makes perfect.

*Who can take part?*
As long as you are over 18 and a woman or non-binary, you can take part in the hack.

*How big should a team be?*
The maximum number of members in a team is 5, but anything below that is up to you!

*Is it just open to people in the UK?*
No! The timings will be GMT, but with the hack being virtual, it’s open to anyone around the world.

*How can my company support the event?*
Get in touch with and she'll be delighted to advise!

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