Making an impact through inclusion

Mark Naysmith, CEO (UK & EMEA), WSP

 IWD 2022

At WSP we believe in creating an inclusive workplace where there is equity of opportunity for all. And we’re aiming high when it comes to Inclusion & Diversity – striving to set the standard and lead by example.

As one of the biggest players in our industry, I believe we have a responsibility to lead the way, both by providing equity of opportunity to all colleagues and prospective candidates, and developing our colleagues so that we all have the knowledge and confidence to promote our inclusive culture, challenge discrimination and stereotyping and #BreakTheBias.

We are working to #BreakTheBias across our organisation and industry to make sure everyone is represented, has access to the same opportunities and has a voice when and where important decisions are made. We’ve made good progress within our teams and through our dedicated groups like our Gender Balance Committee and our Inclusion & Diversity business unit networks we will continue to build on the momentum we’ve gathered though internal events like our ‘Let’s talk about…’ series on topics including the menopause. We recognise that gender is a broad spectrum and we work closely with other inclusion and diversity initiatives, such as VIBE (WSP’s LGBTQ+ network), to ensure a collaborative, intersectional and cohesive approach.

We're also working alongside clients, external organisations and other businesses in our sector to drive diversity and inclusion into the core of what we do – from the employee lifecycle to the delivery of our projects. It is how we’ll truly leverage the combined skills and ideas of our colleagues and create a stimulating, respectful, and open-minded work environment that attracts and retains the best talent.

It's good to know we are moving in the right direction and making an impact – ending last year with 30% of our workforce represented by women and WSP named 'Inclusive Employer of the Year' at the Consultancy & Engineering Awards 2021.

As part of this International Women’s Day – and every other day – I will actively call out gender bias, discrimination and stereotyping whenever, and wherever I see it. I commit to doing this not just because of my role as CEO, but to set a positive example to my daughter and sons.

WSP is committed to breaking the bias are you?




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