Committed to a culture of respect, inclusion and opportunity

Ann Fandozzi, CEO, Ritchie Bros.

 IWD 2022

At Ritchie Bros., we are committed to having a culture that fosters respect, inclusion and opportunity of growth for all. I personally believe that everyone comes to work to do their very best and feel like they are “part of something” - a sense of belonging.

Nowhere is that more true than at Ritchie Bros. But even here, we are not immune to having unconscious biases - these can get in the way without us even realizing what’s happening - and can result in us missing out on incredibly talented individuals and everything they have to offer!

I’m proud of the journey we’ve been on at Ritchie Bros. and the various Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) we proudly support:

  • Women's LINK, which provides empowerment and support for ALL (regardless of gender)
  • the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Committee
  • Pride (focused on the LGBTQ+ community)
  • SERVE (focused on the military community)

And we stand at the ready for other groups that want to come forward as a community and have their voices heard.

That is why we stand with International Women’s Day to #BreakTheBias.



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