Now here's a video to watch: "What if different genders switched for a day?"

Looking for a powerful discussion starter to help teenagers better explore gender equality?

In collaboration with Jungle Creations - a social first publisher followed by millions and seen by billions via their brands such as VT News & Media - this International Women's Day video with its accompanying Teaching Notes explores the questions: "What if men and women switched for a day?"

This engaging role reversal video aims to challenge gender stereotypes and educate students and children about equality.

Watch this IWD gender stereotypes video

Explore gender inequality and discuss how we can all be more inclusive and fair. 

* N.B. This video is from 2018, so some statistics have changed, but it's still a great IWD conversatioon starter video!

IWD gender stereotypes

Explore gender inequality


Use the accompanying Teaching Notes to discuss societal expectation, stereotypes, and discrimination regarding women's advancement. 

Remember to be inclusive in your concept and addressing of the term 'gender' to include all identities.

Jungle Creations IWD Teaching Notes

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