The contribution of women to economic development can't be undermined

Liberatha Peter Kallat, Chairperson & Managing Director, Dreamfolks Services Limited

 IWD 2022

With the future of work dominating discussions across the globe, the contribution of women to economic development cannot be undermined.

Gender bias has a detrimental impact on a women’s career advancement opportunity.

Over the years, we have witnessed a gradual shift towards mitigation of gender bias, with strategic focus been given to empowerment and diversity initiatives across sectors and businesses.

With women-friendly policies, businesses are enhancing the participation of women, leveraging their potential and making an effort to eradicate hurdles faced on a day-to-day basis.

The rapid expansion of the service industry provides an opportunity for a proactive agenda for gender equality.

Women’s growing representation in top management roles in the sector is a testament to their contribution in the professional domain.

Women in the workforce have become beacon of change.

We are seeing a surge in the number of women who are the front-runners of their business. But to sustain this change, there is a need for understanding the prevailing barriers hindering the path of women.

Coordinated efforts in the form of a comprehensive policy framework for empowering women, better access to opportunities, expansion of networking channels, capacity building initiatives and most importantly an open and productive cultural mind-set will enable the vision #BreakTheBias and transform the social trajectory of women, placing India at par with several emerging and developed economies.



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