Together We Can! #BreakTheBias

Terrence Gohl, President & CEO, Horizon Global Corporation

 IWD 2022

At Horizon Global, our mission is to utilize forward-thinking technology to develop and deliver best-in-class products for our customers, engage with our employees, and realize value creation for our shareholders.

To fulfill this, we must first be committed to an environment which fosters equity and inclusivity. We understand the importance of a culture embedded with opportunities, recognition, and celebration of achievements within a diverse talent pool, especially for those of our many talented women.

In addition to International Women’s Day, I’m excited to share that we will also be celebrating the one-year anniversary of the creation of our Women@Horizon Steering Committee on March 8th.

I am incredibly proud of this team whose mission is to represent, elevate and engage women at Horizon Global to add value and drive the achievement of the company’s strategic goals. The committee has created three pillars of focus including ‘Represent & Include, ‘Advance & Elevate’ and ‘Engage & Fulfill’ to collectively forge change for women’s equality in the workplace.

We are striving to make Horizon Global even more attractive to prospective candidates who will see our company’s culture as one of respect and opportunity for all people, despite their differences, and to truly #BreakTheBias

We have made a lot of progress, but we have more work to do! We look forward to continuing to forge further change in innovative ways at Horizon Global and beyond. 

Horizon Global is proud to be a supporter of International Women’s Day for 2022.

Together We Can!



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