An Ongoing Journey Requiring Concrete Actions

Aiman Ezzat, CEO, Capgemini

 IWD 2022

As a global leader in digital transformation, with 325,000 employees in over 50 countries it is our strong conviction that a diverse workforce and inclusive culture, free from biases, are fundamental to creativity, innovation and the value we create as a business.

We recognize that to #BreakTheBias in the workplace, a change in mindset and behaviors is necessary and this is an ongoing journey requiring concrete actions. At Capgemini, we have multiple initiatives in place to strengthen our inclusive culture including Unconscious Bias training that our VPs have completed, and that is now embedded in our development programs available to all our employees.

But more than that, as a business leader, I know how important it is for the younger generations to have role models. Capgemini set ambitious ESG objectives including reaching 40% of women in our teams and 30% in executive leadership positions by 2025. It is only through increased women representation across the Group and its management that we can create a generation of role models from the ground up.

At Capgemini, we are making sure women are fairly represented at all levels and given equal opportunities of growing and participating in corporate life and decision-making processes. Our efforts focus on recruitment and promotion, mentoring, and supporting them at key moments in their professional and personal lives.

Bloomberg recognized this as it listed Capgemini in its Gender Equality Index.

Women are key to shaping the future of the digital economy, whether in technology, business, or client-facing roles.

At Capgemini, we will continue to promote careers in STEM so girls and women can be inspired to seize these opportunities and play the parts they deserve in shaping the future we want.

Together, let’s #BreakTheBias.


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