Making Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Core to Corporate Strategy

Doug Butler, CEO, Reward Gateway

 IWD 2022

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are core to Reward Gateway’s corporate strategy, and ensuring that we attract, retain, develop and advance the careers of women in the business is critical.

As we look at our census Reward Gateway can boast that women make up greater than 50% of our people, but the distribution of women across our teams and leadership is uneven. Women, for example, are underrepresented in engineering and currently hold just 4 of 10 roles on our leadership team so there remains work to be done.

We believe that by fostering a culture celebrating differences and an inclusive environment should naturally result in greater representation of women in management and leadership.

At Reward Gateway our culture of inclusion relies on our EP!C Networks, including the RG Women and Allies Network, which bring Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) initiatives and open and honest conversation to the forefront of our business.

Furthermore, many of our benefits are designed to support and advance the lives and careers of all women at Reward Gateway, including personal wellbeing coaching, domestic violence protection, gender affirmation support, minimum 6-months paid parental leave, a monetary baby bonus for newborn and adopted children, and support for those going through menopause, fertility issues or who are dealing with the loss of a child. 

Reward Gateway and I will continue to nurture a culture and inclusive environment that supports our Mission to Make the World a Better Place to Work as we work to #BreakTheBias.



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