We Stand United in Our Commitment to #BreakTheBias

Ann Addison, Corporate VP & Chief Human Resources Officer, Northrop Grumman

 IWD 2022

At Northrop Grumman, we take great pride in our inclusive culture and we make it our mission to ensure our employees feel valued and appreciated for who they are. Our innovation and success can only be achieved with diverse perspectives and differences that each employee brings to their teams. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we stand united in our commitment to #BreakTheBias, conscious and unconscious, through awareness, education and understanding.

We believe in a workforce and workplace that values diversity and fosters inclusion. Our goal is to continually embrace our employees whose backgrounds and perspectives are as diverse as the communities in which we reside. Focusing on our people and our culture has resulted in a more diverse talent pool that is better equipped to innovate through teamwork and open communication. Our employee resource groups play a critical role in helping us to appreciate differences and allowing for active forums for important conversations that build empathy and respect as we embrace unity and #BreakTheBias.

International Women’s Day allows us to reflect on the great progress that has been made, but also reminds us of the long road that is ahead and the issues that we still face today. Women play a pivotal role in our leadership teams, technical roles, and in every area of our business including our executive leadership team and our Board of Directors. That is why we are committed to nurturing the next generation of female thinkers, engineers and pioneers in STEM education and to ensure a robust pipeline of technical leaders who will help improve our world that is equitable and inclusive.

Each year, Northrop Grumman sets diversity performance goals and we aim not only to meet them, but to exceed them.

We stand in full support of International Women’s Day and commit to #BreakTheBias today and every day.


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