Breaking Biases Through Journalism Requires Diversity In Newsrooms

Gary Liu, Chief Executive Officer, South China Morning Post

 IWD 2022

At the South China Morning Post, diversity and inclusion are core ideals that have been critical to our success over the years. 

As a news organisation reporting on China and Asia for a global audience, having a diverse newsroom with inclusive beliefs enriches our editorial coverage. Diversity is critical to the elevation of thought and from an editorial standpoint, fostering an inclusive work culture is necessary for multiple viewpoints to thrive.

SCMP strongly believes that it is essential to have a workplace where values of diversity, equality and inclusion are taught, practised, celebrated and guaranteed by policy. In 1932, the Post’s first female journalist Helen Duncan joined the newsroom and since then, SCMP continues to champion women and their contributions. Today, women play vital roles across our organisation by leading innovation, driving new ways of thinking, and creating an inclusive workplace. 

In covering the impact of inequality on women, the Post goes beyond the headlines to provide nuanced, in-depth reporting on gender issues in hopes of changing perceptions to #BreakTheBias. One of the ways the South China Morning Post aims to address the issue of gender representation in the media is through an initiative called Lunar, which celebrates women in Asia by sharing stories of impact and providing a platform to elevate their voices.

It remains more important than ever to raise awareness against continuing biases in our society, and to incite actions towards equality for a sustainable world. Bias that has taken root over time can only be challenged by a coordinated, long-term effort. It requires not just commitment, but effective dialogue and discourse.

We need effective journalism that informs, educates and explains to help change the conversation and put gender representation on the agenda. International Women’s Day is a powerful reminder to continue to advocate for change and champion gender equality and women’s empowerment.



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