The Big O project and Q&A

When: March 8, 2023

Where: Wolverhampton, United Kingdom


"A 21st Century response to The Vagina Monologues." - Stephanie Dale, Playwright.

Join us for the launch of our UK Tour of The Big O: A new play by emerging Playwrighting talent Kim Cormack from the West Midlands.

Anorgasmia. Female pleasure, identity, sexuality and power. Consent. History. Joy. Heartbreak. Healing. A call to action.

"The time is now."

Join Lucy as she navigates her way through an obstacle course of dating apps, sex toys, folklore, therapy, hilarious confessions and heartbreaking revelations following a diagnosis of lifelong Anorgasmia (and a cringeworthy calling-out on faking it).

Trigger warning: Themes of sex, sexual violence, abuse and suicidal thoughts.

Supported by: The Sir Barry Jackson Trust, Sh! Womens store, RSVP - Rape and Sexual Violence Project and Lifespan Intergration.
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