Vault Festival presents: The Big O Project

When: March 12, 2023

Where: London, United Kingdom


The Big O is fast paced, intimate, hilarious and heartfelt exploration of 21st Century attitudes and experiences of female pleasure, orgasm and consent through the eyes of one woman.

The piece is semi autobiographical, partially based on the experiences of emerging writer Kim Cormack; a neurodiverse, care experienced, anorgasmic creative from the West Midlands.

” The 21st Century response to The Vagina Monologues.” – Stephanie Dale

“Aggressively relatable.” – Audience Member

“The Big O is a powerful, moving, insightful and unexpectedly funny exploration of a woman’s battle with her past and how it impacts on the present. Kim Cormack is a writer of talent and she has found an important subject to confront.” – David Edgar

Network Theatre
246A Lower Road

11-12th March, 2023
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