Musoka Lakes Chamber Embracing Equity: IWD Breakfast

When: March 8, 2023

Where: Ontario, Canada


The culminating event in our three part Embracing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion series, this International Women's Day event features philanthropist Isabella Baboury as guest speaker.

Our guest speaker, Isabella Baboury is Founder of The Birthday Wish Project and is a supporter of many charities, including Toronto Street Haven, Boost Child and Youth Advocacy, UforChange, the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research and more.

She is quickly becoming one of the most prominent (and youngest) philanthropists in the country. Plus, she'll share her story of how she's become a force in business as Director of Louboutin Canada.

Asked by The Kit in 2020: "What’s your advice for being successful during a time like this?"

“Success is measured differently for everybody. For me, it’s staying positive and hopeful. I want to ensure that we’re thinking outside the box and are ready to grow and evolve. That’s personally, too. I think a lot of people are thinking about that: Once we’re able to come back to some sense of normalcy, what do you want that to look like? What do you need to get there? It’s also so important, within this global crisis, to ensure that we take time to count our blessings in the best light.”

Isabella is coming to Muskoka as a guest of the Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce and we can't wait to hear what she thinks Embracing Equity means to her.

The event is at the woman-run Muskoka Discovery Centre museum on the beautiful Gravenhurst Wharf and is being catered by last year's host, Nicole Richard, an Indigenous restaurauteur in her 21st year of business in Bala, Muskoka Lakes.

The event is preceded by Embracing Diversity: a how to hire foreign workers workshop and Embracing Inclusion about making workplaces more diverse and inclusive with a focus on people with disabilities.

We were so excited to see the IWD theme was so similar to our overarching theme!


7:30-8am: Grab a cup of java or tea and take time to re-connect with old friends while making new ones

8am-8:45am: Buffet Breakfast prepared by Nicole Richard of The Hook and Ladder. The Hook and Ladder is an Indigenous and always woman-owned business for 21 years in Bala.

8:45am: Introducing Isabella Baboury

9:00am: Isabella Baboury on Embracing and Creating Equity within and beyond her sphere of influence.

9:30am: Group "Embrace" photo and thank you from your host, the Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce

Tickets are $30 (this is a revenue neutral event with revenues going to cover most costs and our Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce covering the rest), and if we get enough sponsors before March 8 to cover costs, we hope to give back to the YWCA Muskoka NESS project.

Muskoka Steamships and Discovery Centre
275 Steamship Bay Rd
Gravenhurst, ON P1P 1Z9

7:30am-9:30am ET so busy women can get on with their day and hopefully attend even more IWD events on March 8.
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