Creative Women's Circle International Women's Day Lunch 2023

When: March 8, 2023

Where: Sydney, Australia


Join us for lunch for a different IWD event this year in the company of Cathrine Mahoney and Alison Daddo. You will be inspired but more than anything you will laugh!

Cathrine Mahoney is an English, curly-haired Capricorn. A publicist by trade, who never leaves the house without a red lip on.

She has called Sydney home for the past 20 years after moving from the UK in 2000, in part on the advice of a horoscope column.

After 20 years as a celebrity publicist, she took a leap of faith and quit her day job to follow her dream to tell stories and write a book. Her first book Currently Between Husbands is out now through Simon & Schuster, Mahoney has also narrated the audio book. She has a national column for Body+Soul, titled Cathrine Mahoney ‘Tales from an over-sharer’.

Cathrine also hosts two podcasts. So, I Quit MyDay Job (A podcast that travels the bumpy road to achieving your dreams and speaks to those who have successfully made the leap) 140 guests and counting and has featured on / Daily Mail / Daily Telegraph / 9 Honey / Today Extra).  

Not Another Parenting Podcast (Nova Entertainment) - co-hosted with Sarah McGilvray (Fitzy & Wippa) the tongue in cheek parenting podcast has hit #1 in Australia / New Zealand / Ireland and #15 in the UK. The podcast can also be heard on Virgin Airlines inflight entertainment and has featured on Today Extra, Daily Mail and

Alison Daddo is an author, globe trotting brand collaborator and champion of relationships and the joys of being a woman.

Alison burst on the Australian modelling scene as a 16 year old in the mid-80’s and her career journey has travelled through roles in education, charities, podcasting and writing.

Her first book, Queen Menopause is a friendly, frank, compassionate and comprehensive companion for any woman experiencing menopause. She also co-hosts with her husband of 30 years on their hit podcast “Separate Bathrooms”. Interviewing some of the most interesting couples in Australia, they take a look behind the closed doors of their relationships.

With her gorgeous smile and all-Australian beach body, Alison has been on the  the covers of Australia’s top fashion and pop magazines as well as appearing on children's television shows.

A move to the USA saw Alison focus on her passion of teaching children/ taking care of children and indeed, having her own children were her heart’s desire and she took a break from the entertainment scene.

Alison has always been active in charity work, sponsoring children of World Vision for three decades. From 2007-12 she was involved with GULU WALK and The Invisible Children, a charity that works with rehabilitating child soldiers in Uganda. 

2017 saw Alison and her family move back to live in Australia, since moving she has become patron of RizeUp Australia a charity that assist domestic abuse families settle in a new home and begin their lives in safety.

• Lunch and drinks package
• Speaker event with Q&A
• Book signing
• Networking
• Great company!

12-Micron 100 Barangaroo Avenue #Tower 1
Level 2 Barangaroo
NSW 2000

08 March, 2023
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