The Big O - Full play - Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham

When: June 7, 2023

Where: Birmingham, United Kingdom


Join us at the Midlands Arts Centre (MAC), in Edgbaston, Birmingham. 7-8th June. Q&A tbc.

The Big O is an original play by emerging West Midlands Writer, Kim Cormack.

In a world full of distractions (see: the news, social media and dating apps…everyday), survival mode and the crushing weight of “being a good feminist”, is the female orgasm ever going to be a priority?

Join Lucy on her personal voyage into sex, healing, and connection after a diagnosis of lifelong Anorgasmia (with a Trunchbull-esque psychosexual consultant).

Sex toys. Faking orgasms. Consent. Casual vs monogamous sex. Love. Mental Health. Folklore. Bad chat up lines. Politics. PTSD. Female pleasure throughout history. Feminist f@!kboys and that incident with the guy that wanted to do that thing.

The full length play is semi-autobiographical, combining personal experiences of the writer, from other women, men and fiction based on current events. Over two Acts, we are taken on a whirlwind tour of the journey of one woman to prioritise her own fulfillment.

" Aggressively relatable."
Audience Member

Confronting a vast array of topical subject matter,(including; Anorgasmia, the orgasm gap, dating app culture, kink and sex toys) on one hand, with hilarious effect yet at the same time (and often in the sentence) Mental health, PTSD, abortion, grief, consent and trauma.

"Cormack skillfully balances humour and pathos effortlessly"
- TheatreBab

We follow protagonist Lucy (played by Jade Dowsett Roberts) from diagnosis of Primary Anorgasmia, break ups, therapy, various treatments, research, what it means to be a feminist in 21st Century Britain, and healing. Will she ever "achieve" the elusive Big O?

A story of searching for what we want and finding what we need.

Female Pleasure, Anorgasmia, Healing, Feminism, Connection, Trauma, Consent, Comedy, Therapy, PTSD, Identity, Empowerment, Survival mode, gender roles, Sex education, Empowerment.

"Every woman can see themselves in this."
Audience Member

- Becoming Orgasmic: A personal growth programme for women by Heimen and Lopiccolo and Women who run with wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. More reading suggestions.

Midlands Arts Centre
Cannon Hill Park
B12 9QH

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