Advancing gender equity for the hidden workforce in coffee and cocoa

When: March 29, 2023

Where: Virtual, United States


This year, the United Nations International Women’s Day celebration invites us to #EmbraceEquity. At Equal Origins, equity for farming women and their families is the heart of our mission. When we #EmbraceEquity a world of possibility opens, for women, for families, and for each of us.

Women are the hidden workforce behind the powerful global coffee and cocoa sectors.

Investments in vocational training and other technical supports – commonly available to men – are still out of reach for most of the women who provide anywhere from 40 to 80% of the labor to get coffee or cocoa beans to the market.

Equal Origins is working to change that.

When women access vocational education in line with their needs, multiple possibilities arise:

- Greater visibility for them and the importance of their roles
- Increased voice and agency
- Decision-making and leadership opportunities
- Economic empowerment
- Better health for them and their families

Everyone has a role to play in our journey toward greater gender equity in coffee and cocoa.

Learn more about our work and discover your role in our upcoming webinar Wednesday, March 29 at 11 am EST. Registration is open via the link.
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