We Unify to Amplify our voices to #InspireInclusion

Rahul Kanodia, Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Datamatics Global Services Limited

 IWD 2024

Datamatics currently features in Forbes Asia's prestigious list of the top 1% of 20,000 listed companies in Asia, a milestone that has been possible because of diverse groups of Datamaticians working with us in different geographies. 

At Datamatics, we believe our strength lies in our differences. It makes us unique and brings together the best in each of us. With this belief, we started working towards building a more diverse and dynamic workforce.

While Diversity, Equity & Inclusion DEI (across departments & LOSs) has always been a way of life at Datamatics, it is evident in the upward trend of women employees. We have now increased our gender percentage by 8% in 5 years, with 38%-42% of women Datamaticians choosing to work with us at any given point in time. Some key actions that set the ball rolling for us include a strategic focus with a dedicated in-house team, becoming signatories for Women Empowerment Principles (and undertaking their Gap Analysis Tool), fundamentally strong sustainable initiatives, and Equal Employment Diversity & Inclusion Policy. 

On International Women's Day, 8th March 2020, we launched the 'Datamatics Diversity Charter', formalising our continued commitment to Equity in the Workplace, Affirmative Actions, and Inclusive work Environment - all based on merit. Merit is the only criterion for a professional's career advancement, and this philosophy has helped #InspireInclusion and built credibility for our DEI initiatives. Since 2020, at least 22% of all global manager-level and above promotion candidates have been women Datamaticians. 

Our recent win in the prestigious WEPs Awards to promote Transparency and Reporting Initiatives (2nd runners-up in UN Women WEP – India) has helped solidify our confidence in our endeavours.

As we go deep in digital, we intend to go deeper in our DEI efforts.

We continue to Unify to Amplify our voices, to #InspireInclusion and progress towards a gender-equal world and are aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, 2030 agenda. 



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