Everyone can inspire inclusion

Alan Manuel, Chief Executive Officer, Currie & Brown

 IWD 2024

I believe that everyone at Currie & Brown has a part to play in inspiring inclusion.

Whether it’s by developing our future female leaders, screening recruitment adverts for gender bias, or supporting flexible working, we can all work to ensure everyone feels included. If our people see non-inclusive behaviour, at any level, they’re encouraged to speak out.

In the last year, we’ve improved several of our internal policies to better support women in our workplace. We now have consistent policies for maternity and adoption across the globe and colleagues receive paid time off after a miscarriage.

We also now have equality, diversity and inclusion groups, and celebrate events such as Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Easter, Pride, Diwali, Hannukah and Christmas, creating a platform for everyone to have a voice and shape the business in an inclusive way.

To mark this International Women’s Day, we’re hosting events in our offices and encouraging colleagues to make a pledge to inspire inclusion. We’re also holding regional webinars where people can share their stories and inspire each other.

Making a commitment to inspiring inclusion is critical for our business. By making everyone feel included, we’re able to recruit, retain and develop the best talent. Doing this brings many benefits, with different viewpoints helping us to better support clients.

Society still has some way to go to make women feel included in every aspect of life. However, we’re determined to do our part and encourage more women to build careers in our industry.



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