We all need to take action and #InspireInclusion

Archana Gilravi, Senior Vice President, Lean In

 IWD 2024

This International Women’s Day, Lean In is joining forces with IWD to empower companies to #InspireInclusion.

In workplaces around the globe, women face systemic bias and barriers that hold them back. Women are far more likely than men to experience microaggressions, such as being mistaken for someone more junior or having their judgment questioned in their area of expertise. For women with traditionally marginalized identities, these slights are more frequent, demeaning, and disrespectful. Research shows that bias often leads to missed opportunities in hiring and lower performance ratings for women — both can have a major impact on women’s career progression.

Companies have the power to change this trajectory and create more inclusive workplaces. First, they need to make sure they have the right programs and policies in place. Second, they need to empower employees, at all levels, to help change the culture of work, so that all women feel supported and included.

That’s where Leans In's programs can help. Lean In Circles provide a space where women can come together in small groups across roles and levels for leadership skill building, peer-to-peer mentorship, and support. To date, more than 86,000 women have started Circles in 183 countries. Through our world-class leadership training program, The Women at Work Collection, Circle members can learn critical skills and research-backed strategies to advance their careers. The video-based curriculum is designed specifically for women by women. It covers everything from finding a career sponsor to developing leadership superpowers. Lean In Circles produce great results: two-thirds of women in Circles have taken on a new challenge and feel better equipped to be leaders.

Lean In’s 50 Ways to Fight Bias takes the guesswork out of identifying and challenging bias. The program includes over 100 specific examples of bias in hiring, promotions, everyday interactions, and more, and it provides specific recommendations for what employees can say and do in the moment. The results are incredible: 95% of participants are more committed to challenging bias and 96% of managers feel better equipped to talk about bias with their teams.

Whether by bringing 50 Ways to your company or starting a Lean In Circle, these tools can help you create a more inclusive workplace, and contribute towards a more equitable world.



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