#InspireInclusion today to build inclusive futures for all

Aiman Ezzat, Chief Executive Officer, Capgemini Group

 IWD 2024

As a leader in business and technology transformation and a people-first company, with thousands of colleagues representing 160 nationalities, our vision is to create a vibrant and inclusive workplace representing society in all its richness.

For us, technology promises progress. We are committed to being a benchmark in terms of our contribution to society, our activities, and for our clients, by promoting sustainability, diversity, equal opportunities, and digital inclusion.

We #InspireInclusion everyday by valuing the differences and uniqueness of our people while cultivating our commonalities, celebrating team spirit, one of our seven core values. We aim to continuously ensure a safe, open, and collaborative environment, where all individuals feel valued and contribute effectively to the success of the Group, as stated in our Group Diversity and Inclusion policy.

We continue making steady progress to accelerate the gender balance of our workforce to achieve 40% women in our workforce and 30% in executive leadership roles by 2025, while improving our culture of inclusion and strengthening our equity framework through initiatives like inclusive recruitment and equal promotion rate policies.

Across our talent value chain, we drive initiatives to empower women through talent development programs, mentoring, and sponsorship. Our global employee network, Women @ Capgemini complements our corporate initiatives, reinforced by a strong network of male allies and ambassadors.

We also recognize our responsibility as a leader in digital transformation, to bridging the gap& between technology and society by encouraging girls, women, and people from underprivileged backgrounds to pursue STEM studies, supporting the next generation of talent to thrive in technology careers.

Our initiatives are designed to create a sense of fairness and belonging for everyone, for instance, our flexible working and benefits policies positively impact all our talent.

Together, let’s #InspireInclusion and unleash human energy through technology for a sustainable and #InclusiveFutures.



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