Let’s Inspire Inclusion together in Women’s Health

Anjuna Kalsi, Chief Human Resources Officer, Theramex

 IWD 2024

As the Chief Human Resources Officer at Theramex, I am immensely proud to continue our active participation in International Women's Day 2024, a celebration that resonates with being a Women’s Health company with a purpose to serve all women at every stage of their lives.

2024 marks the seventh anniversary of announcing International Women’s Day as our Corporate Social Responsibility Day globally.

At Theramex, our dedication to women's health extends beyond mere rhetoric; it is embedded in our daily operations, strategic initiatives, and culture. In our workplace, we recognize that 'inclusion' must encompass the diverse needs and experiences of ALL our colleagues, irrespective of age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexuality, and religion. Inclusion is something we’re making a reality at Theramex – globally 61% of our workforce are women and 54% of our managers are women. In our London headquarters of over 100 colleagues, we have 31 different nationalities and 38% of our teams have diverse heritages. We understand the importance of having an inclusive workforce and that companies with more diversity have better productivity, creativity, engagement, and culture.

Our involvement in International Women's Day serves as a platform to amplify the importance of inclusivity in the medical industry. We are steadfast in ensuring that every woman feels heard, supported, and empowered throughout her healthcare journey. We firmly believe that women's health needs and interests must be at the forefront of policy discussions, research endeavours, and healthcare services. By advocating for greater inclusion, we not only prioritise the well-being of women, but also foster a more equitable and sustainable society.

Moreover, we recognise the profound impact of inclusion on individual empowerment and collective prosperity. When women are valued, included, and empowered to make informed health decisions, they not only experience improved health outcomes but also contribute significantly to economic growth and societal advancement. Through our commitment to inspiring inclusion, we aim to create a world where every woman has the agency and opportunity to thrive. 

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, every year, we partner with a non-profit organisation focused on women. For the third consecutive year, we are excited to announce our partnership with Woman's Trust (WT), a specialist mental health charity, providing free counselling and therapy for women who have experienced domestic abuse. Throughout the year we host fundraising events, such as Cycling to Brighton, Taste of Diversity Lunch, team raffles, half marathons, and Christmas Jumper Day, where all proceeds are donated to WT.

In commemorating International Women's Day 2024, Theramex reaffirms its dedication to championing women's health, promoting inclusivity, and driving positive change.

Together, let us inspire inclusion, celebrate diversity, and empower women worldwide to lead healthier, happier lives.



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