Inspiring Inclusion at Belkin

Steve Malony, Chief Executive Officer, Belkin International

 IWD 2024

Speaking as a leader of a global technology brand, the women at Belkin are essential to the success of the business. With women in the conversation, we undeniably have more opportunities to bring new insights, concepts, and progressive solutions to the table. A singular voice does not represent the people and communities we strive to serve as a business. This is why inspiring inclusion is so important – and something we take seriously.

The percentage of women in large tech companies was 26% in 2023. At Belkin, our ratio of women employees is 41%. We aim to raise these numbers through ongoing opportunities for education and support, and seek ways to help drive awareness for women through internal DEIB programs like our Women's Network Group (WNG), as well as with external organizations. Take our work with organizations like Women in Tech USA and Kode with Klossy, for example. Our WNG lifts our women employees, spreads awareness to the wider org and encourages our internal network of Belkin employees who wish to collaboratively offer support for professional development and inspiration. 

As a father to a young daughter, I want to make sure that when she is ready to enter the workforce, she has equal opportunity to pursue any field she feels most called to make a difference. Our role is to encourage, support and inspire inclusion through our actions, no matter how big or small, every day. 



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