Inspire Inclusion Through Coaching & Leadership Development

Kristin Lytle, Chief Executive Officer, The Leader's Edge

 IWD 2024

Despite women making up 50% of the population, women hold only 10% of executive positions in Fortune 500 companies in the United States. That statistic, along with many more like it, is why we participate in International Women’s Day at The Leader’s Edge and aim to inspire inclusion.

This day celebrates strong women, elevates their voices, and calls attention to the hard work and determination of women and their allies towards inclusivity and equality.

As a certified women-owned business, The Leader’s Edge remains committed to promoting and supporting diversity in the workforce by continuing our mission of advancing women leaders through coaching and development. Our signature coaching programs focus on providing high-performing women with the skills necessary to achieve leadership excellence.

In 2020, we launched A Leadership Experience for Black Women in partnership with SYNC Worldwide to address the unique barriers that Black women face in the workplace and support them in building their leadership skills and impact. The promotion rate among program alumnae demonstrates the success that women can achieve when they feel valued and supported.

While we empower women every day by equipping them with necessary skills to become top tier leaders, we also know we can’t do it alone. We foster and nurture vital connections with other women leaders and allies, so we can uplift each other and build a supportive community.

By leading together, we can close the gap between men and women and envision a future where gender disparities are no longer a startling reality.



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