To Inspire, We Must First Empower

Marian Cabanillas, Chief Executive Officer, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Texas

 IWD 2024

International Women's Day (IWD) enables us to celebrate women and all that we have accomplished, as well as shine a light on the importance of inspiring inclusion, celebrating diversity and empowering women worldwide. This year's theme Inspire Inclusion reminds us of the collective responsibility we share in fostering an environment where every woman feels valued, respected and included.

Since its inception, IWD has served as a catalyst for global activism and celebration, transcending borders, cultures and organizations. Inspiring inclusion means recognizing the importance of women's presence, voices and contributions in every aspect of society. It requires us to challenge discriminatory practices, confront inequities and take decisive action to promote gender equality.

At UnitedHealthcare, we are committed to inspiring inclusion across our global organization and in the communities where we live and work. We understand that true inclusion means creating opportunities for women of all races, ages, abilities, faiths, body types and gender identities to succeed.

As a Chief Executive Officer at UnitedHealthcare, I play a pivotal role in this, and actively work to empower women economically, support their professional growth and development, and ensure their representation in leadership and decision-making.

For example, through UnitedHealthcare’s Unidos, our Latinx employee resource group that I co-chair, we encourage a culture of inclusion and empowerment by providing mentorship, support and opportunities for women to excel and lead in their respective fields.

By championing the group';s initiatives, I continuously work to create a work environment where diverse voices are not only heard but developed and valued. UnitedHealthcare actively seeks to create growth opportunities for individuals aspiring to advance into leadership positions. By sharing my own experiences, insights and expertise, I have played a vital role in guiding and supporting these aspiring female leaders within our organization.

Beyond our organizational efforts, we are committed to driving systemic change that benefits women and girls globally. From promoting access to quality education and healthcare to supporting women's economic empowerment and participation in sports, we are working to dismantle barriers. My involvement in nonprofit organizations like Change Happens, Special Olympics of Texas and Texas United for Puerto Rico demonstrates my commitment to creating a more inclusive world for all.

United Healthcare is determined to continue mentoring and supporting the professionals both within the organization and beyond. Working towards fostering a greater sense of inclusivity and empowering more emerging female leaders remains our unwavering commitment, and we strive to make a meaningful and lasting impact within our community as we #InspireInclusion every day.



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