Redefining norms: Advancing inclusivity and gender equality in the workplace

Miriam Leenders, Chief People Officer, Teijin Aramid

 IWD 2024

True progress begins when people with unique perspectives come together. At Teijin Aramid we are committed to fostering an environment that champions inclusion and diversity. We want everyone in our teams feel they belong. 

Particularly within the chemical industry we should celebrate International Women's Day (IWD) to raise awareness and accelerating gender equality. More women joining our workforce, enabling them to take on decision making roles and making significant contribution across our international organization. At Teijin Aramid, we #InspireInclusion and ultimately bring about meaningful change for the world.

Despite our current male-dominated landscape, we are committed to shaping a more inclusive future. Through initiatives of #inspireinclusion we ignite actions locally. Building a community of executive women that champions collaboration, development and inspiration. Our participation in Girls’Day to inspire young girls towards career in STEM and engaging the Young Teijin group as strategic sounding board.

 #InspireInclusion is also about being connected and understanding each other’s motivations and challenges. We strongly believe in the power of curiosity to drive #InspireInclusion. Which also means inviting men to participate actively in this journey.

Inclusion has the power to build bridges and unite. Inclusion can only be built through participation. So everyone's participation matters to make a meaningful difference. Let us all be encouraged by the prospect of an increased number of women advancing to positions in both production and executive roles. By having an inclusive workforce, we become an even more successful, sustainable organization and a better equipped partner for our customers and suppliers to materialize ambitions. 

Take the opportunity to open up the conversation on diversity & inclusion as we celebrate International Women's Day. Let’s continue our journey towards greater inclusivity, together. 



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