Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

Akira Shimada, President & Chief Executive Officer, NTT Corporation

 IWD 2024

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is an important management strategy for the NTT Group, which is “NTT as a Creator of New Value and Accelerator of a Global Sustainable Society”. In May 2023, we announced our medium-term management strategy, which positions D&I as the foundation of the corporate culture necessary for the creation of new value.

In recent years, customer needs have diversified, social issues have become more complex, and the pace of technological evolution has increased. This means each employee must enhance their expertise and challenge themselves to create and innovate while combining knowledge and values from different fields and cultures.

By allowing diverse members to openly share their opinions in the decision-making process, we can overcome the risks that homogeneous organizations run into.

NTT Group has approximately 190,000 employees in Japan and 140,000 employees overseas of various genders, ages, nationalities, and religions. To make diversity a driving force for growth, we need to respect, understand, and accept each other's differences, in other words — inclusion. NTT Group will continue to build an organization in which diverse human resources can play an active role with respect for human rights while contributing to the promotion of D&I in society.




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