We Inspire Inclusion and empower all employees to flourish

Supriya Rao Patwardhan, Executive Vice President, DHL IT Services

 IWD 2024

We are IT at the world’s leading logistics company.

IT Services lives by its vision of being a Sustainable Competitive Advantage for DHL. With a team of around 6,000 highly skilled IT professionals that keeps DHL running smoothly 24/7, we are supporting DHL by Delivering Excellence in a Digital World. At IT Services, we #InspireInclusion by having Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) as part of our strategic outcome to drive our Sustainable roadmap to success.

My journey as a female leader in the IT industry has been about shattering stereotypes and biases to lead an international organization with diverse perspectives. "Inspire Inclusion" resonates deeply, highlighting the importance of belonging and embracing individual strengths.

In an era where gender equality is critical for the success of communities and enterprises, IT Services is proud to note the success of the Women@ITS program that has been running since 2022. Designed to address the unique challenges faced by women and to foster their personal and professional growth, this program has had almost 150 women and counting completing the course.

Recognizing the specific challenges faced by returning mothers, we also created the "SHE'S BACK" program in 2023, aiming to prevent talent loss and ensure gender equity in the workplace. This unique initiative supports high-performing females who have made an impact to the organization’s success. The “SHE’S BACK” program encompasses an array of supportive options to help navigate the delicate balance between work and family.

This year, with #InspireInclusion in mind, we have launched an inclusive program called “Care Moments”. This program is designed for both male and female colleagues; where we create an environment where colleagues get to balance their personal and professional life. It’s about the organization supporting individuals at moments in their lives when they need to care for their loved ones.

Besides that, we are committed to the overall well-being of our employees. Our Employee Well-being Hub provides valuable resources, from helpful tips and toolkits to educational materials and guides.

By providing the right opportunities and tailored support, we #InspireInclusion and empower all employees to flourish and reach their full potential.



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