Everyone everywhere can participate in IWD Giving

Why should you support and donate to women-focused charitable organizations?

Help women in need

Donations can provide essential resources for women and their families and communities when basic necessities are lacking and support is needed.

Support a women-focused cause

Donating to organizations that align with personal values and interests can help support research, education, services, and further important causes that benefit women's equality.

Help promote social change

Donations can help drive systemic changes by supporting women's advocacy groups and initiatives that aim to address the social, economic, and political issues impacting women and their well-being.

Help build communities

Donating to local women-focused charitable organizations can strengthen communities and support local non-profits, community centers, and grassroots initiatives that directly impact women.

Tax benefits are an added bonus

In many regions, donations to recognized charitable organizations may be tax-deductible, providing a good financial incentive to contribute.

Forging personal purpose and fulfillment

Many individuals enjoy deep personal reward, satisfaction, and a sense of purpose when giving to others and contributing to the greater good while actively advancing women.


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How can you become a donor?

There are so many ways individuals and groups can support women-focused charitable organizations. 

Monetary donations are key

Many charitable organizations provide up-to-date websites and online giving avenues for donations to be made directly via credit card, debit card, or electronic funds transfer.

Recurring donations are a great option and are set up monthly, quarterly, or as annual donations to provide consistent support for your charitable organization of choice.

Crowdfunding platforms also provide a great way to contribute important funding for specific women-focused projects or causes.

In-kind donations are also valued

Often, some charitable organizations will accept appropriate clothing, food, and supplies. Remember, try to donate only gently-used clothing, non-perishable food items, and other suitable supplies to local shelters, food banks, and community organizations used by women.

Offering professional services can provide a further great means to give valuable support. Offering pro bono services of professional skills in areas like legal advice, medical care, or educational tutoring for women can also be of interest.

Volunteering one's time is a magnificent gift. This can be in-person through local charitable organizations such as local shelters and community centers. Alternatively, volunteering may be online where skills are offered remotely, such as tutoring online, providing digital marketing for non-profits, or contributing to open-source projects.

Fundraising is very helpful

Hosting events provides a great means for encouraging your community to participate in IWD Giving. Events like conferences, workshops, charity runs, bake sales, and benefit concerts can all help raise much-needed funds for designated women-focused charitable organizations.

Social media campaigns can also be critical for raising awareness about the need for donations for women-focused causes.

Legacy giving is a great deed

Bequests are an excellent way to give. Including donations to charitable organizations in a will or estate plans can be incredibly beneficial in helping forge women's advancement and supporting the next generation.

Charitable trusts provide another way to actively support causes over a longer period.

Workplace giving programs can be very impactful

Payroll deductions offered by an employer see a regular portion of a paycheck donated to a charitable organization, benefiting women via important services and support.

Matching gifts is a further way that some companies support employee donations, effectively doubling the contribution.

Make a meaningful contribution for women

By considering some of these reasons and methods, individuals can make meaningful contributions to society in a way that aligns with their personal values and circumstances - all while helping advance women's equality.

Looking for guidance on selecting a women-focused charitable organization for your donation, get in contact. 


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