Download International Women's Day cupcake flags and celebrate!

International Women's Day (IWD) cupcakes have become somewhat iconic.

And while some groups and individuals shun the idea of IWD cupcakes, saying cupcakes are a simplistic and tokenistic gesture as IWD isn't a day of celebration or parties, perhaps there are some who might just agree to disagree.

All IWD activity is valid, that's what makes IWD inclusive. 

So get your friends, family, colleagues and community members together to enjoy your favorite delicious treats as you celebrate the achievement of women and enjoy each other's company marking IWD.

Download IWD cupcake flags and celebrate

Click on the options below to download your IWD celebration cupcake flags.

Print off. Cut out. Assemble. Enjoy!

IWD cupcake flags full color

IWD cupcake flags - purple white

IWD cupcake flags white purple

In fact, why not check out some of the many brilliant cakes that IWD supporters from across the world have made in previous years.

Feel free to share your IWD cupcake gathering images. 


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