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International Women's Day image gallery

Worldwide, millions of people mark International Women's Day (IWD) on March 8. The day provides an important opportunity to reinforce commitment and action forging women's equality, while also celebrating women's achievements. Fighting the good fight continues all year and IWD sees the world step forward to support a campaign theme that unifies action in helping forge an inclusive world.

Each year the conversation grows, activity escalates, action increases, inclusive mindsets prevail - and we get closer to an equal world. Thank you to everyone who shares the vision, cares about equality, and takes action to make the world a better place.


People worldwide worked to #ChooseToChallenge

People across the world raised their hand high to show solidarity. Thank you to over 6,000 women's equality advocates who sent in their image to amplify the cause. Below are some of those advocates.

Devon Peterika

Devon Peterika, United States

Gabriela Goncalves

Gabriela Goncalves, United Kingdom

Olivia & Elin Mendola

Olivia & Elin Mendola, Sweden


Clarafosca, Spain

Jessica Yakwo

Jessica Yakwo, Nigeria

Archana Jain

Archana Jain, India

Bundaberg Community Corrections

Bundaberg Community Corrections, Australia

Mazidah Binti Musa

Mazidah Binti Musa, Malaysia

Jacob & Jennings

Jacob & Jennings, Uganda

Nneka Anih

Nneka Anih, Nigeria

Natalie Martinez

Natalie Martinez, United States

Stephanie Ijeoma Ladele

Stephanie Ijeoma Ladele, Nigeria

Ramatu Ibrahim

Ramatu Ibrahim, Nigeria

Tiffany Huang

Tiffany Huang, China

Jim Nau

Jim Nau, United States

Asmaa Elkhaldi

Asmaa Elkhaldi, Palestine

Ifeoma Ikejiaku

Ifeoma Ikejiaku, Nigeria

Aminah Rahman

Aminah Rahman, United Kingdom

Lisen Ydse Christiansen

Lisen Ydse Christiansen, Norway

Adie Meshach

Adie Meshach, Nigeria

Annaliza Tan

Annaliza Tan, Philippines

Desiree Gallisch

Desiree Gallisch, Germany

Vivian Nwoji

Vivian Nwoji, United Kingdom

Agumagu Collins

Agumagu Collins, Nigeria

Christina Nguyen

Christina Nguyen, United States

Savindhi Perera Jainudeen

Savindhi Perera Jainudeen, Australia

Dr Deepa Shree

Dr Deepa Shree, India


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