International Women's Day collaborative projects

IWD Collaborations - Expressions of Interest

International Women's Day (IWD) Collaborations are open. Expressions of Interest are invited from formal registered organizations worldwide to deliver year-long IWD-related resources, products, services or projects supporting the annual campaign theme. Please note, IWD Collaborations are not events as these are listed here, or IWD Flagship Event enquiries here.

IWD Collaborations are strategic, mutually beneficial relationships where the synergy elevates greater outcomes for women. Collaborations are not one-way requests simply seeking promotion of activity, but where each party is equally and intensely involved in a strategic collaboration.

IWD Collaborations - Selection Criteria

Following an Expression of Interest (see form below) summarising the proposed collaboration, groups where there is great synergy are then invited to submit a more detailed proposal responding to further criteria for formal review.

Initial selection criteria include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • overall purpose for the collaboration
  • whether activity is established with proven success, or a newly proposed concept
  • whether activity is truly global, or whether demographic or location specific
  • whether collaboration is ongoing or duration specific
  • strategic objectives, key outcomes and the impact to be achieved
  • audience or recipients to benefit from the collaboration in terms of gender parity
  • specific actions, timeframe and deliverables to be mutually agreed
  • key measurements, milestones and performance indicators
  • resources provided and/or required by the organization/s or group/s involved
  • credentials and legal status of the organization or group entity
  • evidence of reach and existing relationships with further groups
  • examples of similar activity

Please submit the form below to outline the purpose for the collaboration and tangible deliverables for the specific product, service or project being proposed. Details will be reviewed and contact made for a discussion should the proposal be of interest. Please note, the below form is not intended for groups requesting financial assistance or localized activity is for companies and organizations to explain what tangible resources, products, services or projects they seek to collaboratively deliver.

IMPORTANT: Due to the significant volume of submissions received, only those with tangible details about the collaborative resources, products, services or projects to be delivered will be considered.

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