For International Women’s Day, help your organization to challenge bias at work

 February 01, 2019


Lean In - International women's day


Bias is holding women and workplaces back

This International Women’s Day comes at a moment of crisis for women. Millions of women have been driven out of the workforce by Covid-19. Many more are struggling with burnout and considering downshifting their careers or leaving their jobs. 

To avoid unwinding years of progress toward gender equality, companies need to act now to promote, hire, and retain women. Combating the biases women face at work is critical to getting this right. Research shows that bias contributes to women being passed over for jobs and promotions. Almost three in four women experience bias at work, and those who do are more likely to leave their jobs. And women of color, LGBTQ+ women, and women with disabilities face more acute biases. Yet only one in three employees, including managers, challenges biased behavior when they see it. 

Knowing that bias exists isn’t enough. We need to take action and #ChooseToChallenge  bias. The IWD Lean In 50 Ways to Fight Bias program can help.

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#ChooseToChallenge bias at work with 50 Ways to Fight Bias

Pairing a group activity with a video series, 50 Ways to Fight Bias is a program to empower people to identify and challenge bias head-on.

This 1-2 hour workshop highlights more than 50 examples of bias against women at work - including compounding discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, disability, or other aspects of identity - and offers research-backed recommendations for what to do.

Use the IWD 50 Ways to Fight Bias presentation to:

  • Learn how bias shows up in common workplace situations - including hiring and promotions, meeting dynamics, and day-to-day interactions
  • Read about examples of bias, sharing experiences, and discussing research-backed recommendations for what to do
  • Commit to one action to choose to challenge bias 

Download the IWD 50 Ways to Fight Bias presentation in:

In addition to hosting a workshop for IWD, continue to challenge bias all year by incorporating 50 Ways into team meetings, training colleagues, and in recruitment and hiring processes.

Lean In IWD resources

Connect and support women through Lean In Circles

In a world where women still face bias and other barriers at work, on top of bearing the disproportionate burden of the COVID-19 pandemic - having a safe space for women to share their struggles, give and get advice, and celebrate each other’s wins, has never been more important.

That’s where Lean In Circles can help: by connecting and supporting women to get - and grow - through this together. Circles are small groups of women who come together regularly to mentor and support each other.

Use this presentation to:

  • Get a snapshot of the state of women at work
  • Play Connection Cards, an activity to experience the power of peer mentorship (available in 7 languages)
  • Guide participants to commit to choose to challenge vias by starting their own Circle

Available in due course in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish.

Download the IWD Lean In Circles presentation.

Show support and engage others on social media

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