Women-owned businesses powering the worldwide IWD events industry

Across the world, there are many women business owners who are passionate about supplying the IWD events industry - and they'e ready to deliver their utmost expertise and talent. Making visible women-owned businesses who can supply the IWD events industry is key, so let's meet some of them.

Catering authentic food for IWD events

IWD - Mandira's Kitchen indian food - woman owned business - NatWest

Mandira's Kitchen is a woman-led, woman-staffed, award-winning artisan that creates authentic Indian meals. Gluten and preservative free, with vegan options, their meals use fresh produce and family recipes - and they provide event catering from their 400 year old converted cowshed in the beautiful UK countryside. Mandira's Kitchen enjoys supporting events because it enables them to meet further businesses, listen to inspirational speakers, bounce ideas and collaborate to find new ways of working.

"Supporting International Women's Day activity is an opportunity to showcase and put a spotlight on women led businesses and to highlight issues that can hold women back," says Mandira, founder of Mandira's Kitchen which also provides cooking lessons. "It's very fulfilling to create and put my own stamp on anything I do and have the opportunity to work with and employ amazing women. I do hope one day, when my daughter inherits the world, there will be no need for an International Women's Day because there will be equality."

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Leveraging IWD events through good photography

IWD photographer - Tabitha Fireman
Image credit: Shirlane Forrest

Female Perspective is a photo agency representing established and fantastic female photographers. They offer an end to end service from matching clients with the most suitable photographer to fit the brief, through to shoot production and image syndication. They give back to females by donating 5% of the photographer’s fee from each assignment to a chosen female-related charity.

"Supporting events is always exciting because it enables us to connect with others who feel the same as we do about giving something back. For us, supporting International Women's Day event activity is an opportunity to continue our mission to empower other women. As a woman running a business, one of the most fulfilling aspects is recognising and acting upon the different ways I can help and support further women," explains Tabatha Fireman, Director of Female Perspective.

A special wish Tabatha has for her business is to be a key player in helping to redress the gender imbalance that currently exists in photography; to provide a safe space where photographers feel appreciated for their role as both photographer and woman and of course to be the go to brand for female photographers.

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Delighting IWD event participants with special treats

Carly's afternoon teas - supplying IWD

Carly's Afternoon Teas provides an Afternoon Tea delivery service including crockery and washing up - and they cater for most dietary requirements. The perfect treat for an IWD event!

"Supporting events is always exciting because we love meeting new people and seeing what other businesses have to offer. We enjoy networking and seeing what else is out there in the community. To me, supporting International Women’s Day is an opportunity to showcase what we do as an all-female team. It also means we get to spend the day with some truly inspirational women and hold these people in our thoughts when business is getting tough. As a women running a business, one of the most fulfilling aspects is being in control of my own career. Like many other women, I have often felt that having a family and a career are unable to go hand in hand - but running my own business has disproved this," explains Carly, Founder of the business. "A special wish I have for my business is to partner with further businesses that can compliment mine."

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