Working for a large progressive employer can certainly have its benefits

So here's a heads up. Working for a big company can often mean great benefits, competitive salaries, significant training and development, a highly diverse and inclusive work culture, and excellent opportunities for promotion. And, arguably, some women simply enjoy and prefer 'corporate culture'. 

While smaller organizations certainly have many positives, some women may at times feel that they thrive better - and feel more empowered - in a corporate context. A large community of diverse colleagues, targeted learning opportunities and training schemes, progressive workplace policies, and considerable support can be very appealing.

Here are four progressive women-focused platforms with a worldwide focus that focus exclusively on supporting employers and their female employees. 


Lean In is a global community providing tools and support to help women achieve their ambitions 
Lean In

Driven by the belief that society and the economy would be better if women and girls were valued as equal to men and boys, Lean In works tirelessly to help women achieve their ambitions as they work to create an equal world.

Lean In supports an impressive Circles across many countries, with new ones starting every day. Circles bring together groups of women from all walks of life who get and give peer mentoring, sharpen their skills, network, encourage each other, and have a place to be unapologetically ambitious. Circles help women achieve career goals - from working towards a promotion or re-entering the workforce.

Lean In provides an extensive range of skill-building videos, discussion guides, and worksheets on topics from negotiating salary to discovering strengths. They also help combat bias in the workplace with 50 Ways to Fight Bias resources - because bias makes it harder for women to get hired and promoted, and it negatively impacts their day-to-day work experiences.

Where Women Work shines a spotlight on progressive corporate employers who support women's careers 
Where Women Work

Where women choose to work clearly impacts their success which is why Where Women Work encourages women to carefully do their homework before applying for jobs. The Where Women Work platform encourages women to make the right decision about where to work. Their mantra: "Go to where you're celebrated."

The Where Women Work platform celebrates Prime Employers for Women who create diverse and inclusive work cultures and consistently support women's careers. All employers on the platform meet fundamental criteria.

Where Women Work also showcases the impressive work and achievements of women in the workplace - women who innovate, who lead, who pioneer and excel. Making women more visible, celebrating success and inspiring further women is all part of Where Women Work's mission.

So regardless of a woman's career level - intern, graduate, apprentice, experienced hire, women returner or senior executive - Where Women Work focuses on the entire female talent pipeline. Where Women Work was the world's first platform to focus exclusively on progressive corporate employers for women. And via the platform, regardless of country or sector, candidates can access 100% of latest job vacancies across the world from these prime employers.

Ellevate Network: investing in women

Ellevate Network is a thriving community of professional women committed to helping each other succeed. Ellevate helps women meet a mentor or sponsor, get inspiration from other women, and make connections that last.

Ellevate works with companies committed to diversity and inclusion, providing them with a framework to become a leader in diversity, to attract top talent, and to retain high performers through customized programming, access to career resources, and top notch events.

Ellevate believes that when ambitious professional women get more opportunity it ultimately benefits everyone, and leads to a more equal world. 

Ellevate is committed to giving ambitious professional women the community they need to take the next step in their careers. 

Catalyst helps build and support workplaces that work for women

Catalyst works with some of the world’s most powerful CEOs and leading companies to build workplaces that work for women.

Catalyst helps organizations to accelerate progress for women at work with pioneering research, practical tools, and proven solutions to remove barriers and drive change. Of specific note, is their impressive #BiasCorrect work. 

Catalyst gives companies and CEOs the trusted advice and expertise they need to drive workplace talent transformations in complex, global businesses. Catalyst does this through diagnosing barriers and helping build inclusive cultures; delivering effective programs to reduce unconscious bias; helping companies advance women at every stage of their careers; and advising organizations on building robust and diverse boards.

Catalyst's research focuses on accelerating women at work by building inclusive cultures; addressing workplace issues at the intersection of gender, race, and ethnicity; and engaging men as champions to help women advance and succeed.


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