Adobe 99U women creatives

Did you watch the Adobe 99U Behance women creatives' keynotes and master classes?

 May 14, 2020

Did you join the fabulous women creatives from around the world at the totally awesome Adobe 99U Live virtual event?

It was a live broadcast on Behance featuring a brilliant line up of fabulous keynotes, workshops, Q&As, resources and giveaways. 

 Watch the replay of the conference livestream or explore talks, workshops, and more on-demand.

So what does it mean to be a creative?

This year’s 99U Conference featured a range of women creatives discussing their work, views and inspiration as they unpacked their creative identities to describe how they established their purpose, nurtured their talent and defined their success. 

Speakers ranged from a rebellious product design leader to an author practicing extreme gratitude - and presented engaging and thought-provoking talks, workshops and master classes.

99U also rolled out some new resources supporting opportunities for deep exploration and self-discovery, plus they had giveaways, prints and other surprises.

Truly inclusive - as we would expect from Adobe - 99U talks and resources are designed for all career stages, skill levels and abilities. You can still catch the on-demand talks which are captioned with full transcripts available.

Hear from some of the fabulous women creatives

Feed your creative soul and breathe in the sheer inspiration from a universe of brilliant thinkers and creators.

Here are just some of the marvelous women who shared their insight:

And especially make sure you access Tina Essmaker's Creative Self Workbook to work through some fabulous exploratory exercises and activities over a five day period to engage with your creative self.

Looking for some creative career tips?

99U Behance Adobe

Get inspired for your fabulous creative career - from how to have that successful first conversation with a prospective client, through to how to handle that tricky career transition and uncertainty, or hear some of the most memorable advice different successful creatives have been given.

Check out the massively exciting Creative Career Resources.


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