In huge demand: Talented women engineers to shape the world

Engineering can be a very fulfilling career with countless opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.

Yet in this industry still dominated by men, highly visible awareness raising campaigns along with greater career satisfaction and rewarding salaries, are helping women push for change.

The breadth of engineering careers is broad: chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and more - and the industry itself covers a vast range of disciplines from aerospace and audio, to nuclear and Nano.

From renewable energy, human genetics, cybersecurity, manufacturing, space travel, preventing disease, tackling poverty and global warming - the prospects for a fulfilling and rewarding career in engineering are boundless. Plus, engineering skills are readily transferable from one industry to another because all kinds of organizations recognize engineers as generally being well-educated and good at solving problems, so that is a great person to have in any team, in any industry.

Women engineers

The engineering sector certainly needs more women. The sector seeks women with fresh ideas, new perspectives, varied experiences, and different approaches to innovation. Yet, institutionalized gender stereotypes can dissuade girls and women from pursuing careers in engineering. Increased visibility and awareness raising are key areas where continuous action is needed in order to challenge mindsets and public perception.


Many women engineers themselves are taking active steps to do what they can to help forge equality within the engineering sector and to encourage more women and girls to make considering a career in engineering. For example, award-winning chartered electrical engineer Kerrine Bryan decided to help encourage more girls into engineering through publishing career-themed children’s books including ‘My Mummy Is An Engineer’. “We’re losing potential engineers at every stage of life, and it starts from a young age because bias and misconceptions in media and toys often implant ideas into children’s minds that engineering is for men and involves getting your hands dirty and fixing things, which doesn’t appeal to girls if they’re brought up to believe they should be quiet, neat and tidy,” says Kerrine.

Book - My Mummy Is An Engineer

There's also a further great edition: My Mummy is a Scientist

A varied and evolving industry

Engineering can provide a tremendous career for women who value variety, excitement and seek to shape the world. At the forefront of innovation, engineers are often empowered to identify solutions to some of the world’s most complex challenges.

Engineering is also a constantly evolving industry that demands new approaches and the ability to adapt to new situations. Due to new technology and an ever-changing world, there is likely to be many engineering jobs in the future that are not yet conceived today. Many of the jobs needed in the years to come have not been invented yet, just as many of the engineering jobs known today did not exist some decades ago.

The spread of mobile technology, the development of composite materials, the sequencing of the genome, the increasing demand for energy, and many other advances have created a huge variety of fascinating new jobs.

Combining logic and creativity

girls industry engineering

Engineering often requires competency in areas like by mathematics and science, however engineering is also a creative profession through uniquely combining logic and imagination. Engineering also requires varied skillsets, experiences, and personalities with artistic minds and creative thinkers. 

With such a variety of disciplines across the industry, there are generally roles to suit a breadth of qualifications. What tends to unite engineers, however, is their logical and critical thinking and creativity along with their sheer attention to detail and an enduring passion to make a difference.

Connected to a global community

Communication skills are key for a career in engineering. Engineers have an opportunity to work with different teams on various projects, sharing ideas and brainstorming, while also attending conferences and training to meet like-minded people.

Engineering is also a globally connected industry so for women with a taste for travel, engineering can provide considerable possibilities to explore new countries, regions and cultures. Plus, with standardized engineering skills and education, living and working abroad, particularly in countries that need to fill a skills gap, can be likely.

The opportunity to make a difference 

engineering careers

Importantly, engineering is an industry where there can be a direct and positive impact on the world. From creating energy-efficient homes to new medical equipment, engineering can make a significant difference to individuals, communities, economies and the planet.

Considering forging a career in engineering?

Engineering impacts everyone, so it is vital the industry draws up and reflects the diverse societies it serves. 

It is an exciting time to be an engineer - and female engineers are certainly in great demand.

So women, let’s shape the world and engineer our future and discover prime employers offering exciting engineering opportunities to women.


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