Where women choose to work can make all the difference

Choosing the right employer can mean better remuneration, great training and development, lots of exciting career promotion opportunities, diverse colleagues and teams, a choice of work locations and methods, and an inclusive workplace. 

But which is the right employer? And how do you know that they're really as good as they say they are?

Sure women can constantly find company jobs and latest career vacancies on oodles of jobsites and job boards, but when it comes to recruiting female talent the choice doesn't simply rest with the recruiter - but more so with the candidate.

One way to research and identify whether an employer has a good track record when it comes to recruiting, retaining and advancing female talent is to hear what the women say who already work there.


What kind of work do the women do?

Are they happy?

Do they feel valued? 

What support and training have they received?

What's their advice for further women looking to join the company? 

Does the company itself have a strong track record in celebrating and profiling its female talent? 

And, does the company win awards for nurturing and promoting female talent?

Showcasing the impressive work of women

Where Women Work is an ongoing collaboration with International Women's Day.

The Where Women Work platform showcases the impressive work and achievements of women, while shining a spotlight on the employers supporting them in order to motivate further women to achieve their potential and apply for careers with progressive employers who will actively support their success.

A key aspect of Where Women Work is asking women about their employers: What's on offer? How do they enjoy their work? Do they feel valued? 

And in profiling talented women - along with addressing the support provided by progressive employers who participate in the Where Women Work platform - female candidates can make informed and discerning choices about where they chose to work and why.

Employers on the Where Women Work platform meet 10 key criteria regarding gender equality, so candidates can rest assured that the employers are committed to supporting women's advancement.

So take a look at what women are saying about their employers, learn more about the types of work they do, and find out how progressive employers attract and support their female talent. 

Research prime employers for women

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Elevating, celebrating and amplifying the visibility and achievements of women in the workforce is continuously important.

Working for a prime employer for women can make all the difference! 


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