When you choose to challenge ... through spoken word poetry

 February 28, 2021

Spoken word is one of the most powerful forms of poetry because it passionately expresses the poet's deepest thoughts while simultaneously engaging and inspiring listeners. So, spoken word poetry seems a perfect medium to reinforce and amplify the International Women's Day theme. Spoken word poets from around the world are stepping forward in solidarity to choose to challenge. 

Anisa Nandaula is a very talented spoken word poet, play writer, educator and published author - and she has firm views on what it truly means to choose to challenge.

Educating and engaging people to have difficult and challenging conversations

IWD - Anisa Nandaula - spoken word poet

Anisa was born in Kampala, Uganda and later moved to Australia at the age of 8. Growing up in Australia, Anisa observed the vast distinctions between these two countries and the fundamental difference in living standards sparked her passion to use her voice to articulate her thoughts on social justice. Her poetry explores issues of race, feminism and politics - while employing her talent and wisdom to educate and engage people to have difficult and challenging conversations. Her often controversial work explores the complexities of being a child of diaspora, history and the importance of philosophical questioning. Anisa's soulful and passionate performance style is incredibly moving.

Some of Anisa's most influential poems see her confrontationally and powerfully explore concepts of identity, violence and worth.

Anisa has received a multitude of accolades, appeared at numerous high-profile events, and performed upon many prestigious stages including at the Sydney Opera house.

Powerful, soulful, brilliant

"My soul hits me with an uppercut and my lips bleed all the words that I never had the courage to say..."

"...when you stand up, you need to stand up for the truth...you need to stand up for something more than you."

Experience the power of language through a spoken word performance by Anisa Nanduala.

Anisa discusses her passion, struggles and inspiration

"I guarantee there are going to be moments where you want to give up - where you don't think that you're good enough or your ideas are good enough - but you have to be resilient enough to keep going...There are going to be days when no one believes in your idea but you, but you have to have belief in what you can see and what you can be in yourself," says a young Anisa.

IWD - Anisa Nandaula - spoken word poet


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