Role models encourage more women into science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM) fields

Meet Shweta Bajpai - the Head of Client Solutions for Facebook in India. 

Carrying on with the legacy of fighting the odds, this daughter of a former cricketer is still unbeaten and battling against tough opposition. From the construction of a restroom for women to scaling heights in her career, Shweta believes a woman needs resilience to tide away against all odds. 

We hear from Shweta as she discusses with HCL Technologies her background in engineering, the need for transformation, the importance of resilience, making the most of opportunities, trying to live a fulfilling life, and the need to stand up for oneself.

Have a watch, it's a great and inspiring interview!

At the forefront of encouraging diversity

As a future oriented organization and a corporate citizen, HCL Technologies aims to be at the forefront of encouraging diversity. One way of achieving this is to get more women to choose an education and career in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. HCL knows that the presence of women role models plays a key role. Two-thirds of the respondents in a Rockefeller Foundation survey said, it is especially important for women starting their careers to have women in leadership positions, as role models.


Inspiring the next generation

HCL women & diversity

Find out about further women trailblazers in tech via the HCL #SheInspires campaign.

#SheInspires captures the life stories of women who have blazed a trail in the STEM fields - and these stories can help inspire the next generation of women leaders in STEM.

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