The rise of women tech YouTubers as key influencers within the industry

Looking for entertaining and insightful technology videos from a female perspective?

Lots of the biggest tech YouTube channels are run by men, but there's also some great female tech content creators and influencers to celebrate. 

Check out these impressive women YouTubers, all with excellent channels that focus on technology and offer their own unique perspective on the world of tech.


TechMeOut simplifies complex tech aspects

With great a passion for technology, TechMeOut aims to help beginners understand complex topics around tech. TechMeOut covers everything technology from product reviews, unboxings, top apps to download, smart home gadgets and more.

iJustine reviews latest tech products

Justine Ezarik, known as iJustine, is a very popular female tech YouTuber and has a long background in tech and starting out by teaching herself HTML when she was just 12 years old.

iJustine rose to fame back in 2007 after uploading a video about her 300-page iPhone bill from AT&T. Her very successful YouTube channel has accumulated around 7 million subscribers.

Estafannie shares great tech knowledge

Estafannie's channel sees some pretty odd and quirky video titles and thumbnails, but this computer science graduate certainly knows how to create engaging and educational videos sharing new knowledge. 

Estafannie's videos range from user-friendly tutorials to how to create your own Instagram filter. Her content isn't just limited to computer science, she expands her expertise and knowledge via her DIY electronics videos.

Watch Estafannie and be delighted by her geeky humor and fun videos like 'I built a robot with depression and anxiety.'

Stereotype Breakers celebrates the inclusive nature of STEM

Stereotype Breakers is a YoutTube channel aiming to create an inclusive space for women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Stereotype Breakers initially began with a woman documenting her coding journey and has since evolved into helpful content for tech lovers from providing tips on coding courses to study to information on entry-level jobs in tech.

Stereotype Breakers reinforces the importance of empowering women and breaking gender stereotypes around STEM just being a career path for men.

Video creator Krystal Lora reviews latest tech products

Krystal Lora is a technology enthusiast who creates content about tech gadgets - and she mainly focuses on providing informative reviews, product comparisons, and unboxing gadgets.

Krystal Lora’s videos help users make informed decisions - and with over 320,000 subscribers she continues to forge a great name for herself within the tech space.

Celebrating the rise of women tech influencers

Be inspired to perhaps start your own tech channel and become an admired female tech influencer. Not only is there great money to be made, but it's important the world of tech is diverse and inclusive.

Remember to like, subscribe or comment on these women tech influencers videos and actively help them forge their craft.


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