Spoken word poets, use your voice to help #BreakTheBias

 January 22, 2022

Spoken word poetry is a powerful medium for social change.

You're invited to use your skills and talent to create an IWD 2022 #BreakTheBias spoken word poem.

The IWD 2022 theme is #BreakTheBias and spoken word poets worldwide are invited to perform their creation and share it with the world.

Promote your piece across social media and share it on YouTube.

Let us know more about you and your piece.

A #BreakTheBias poem by spoken word poet Anisa Nandaula

Anisa is a recognized spoken word poet, comedian, play writer, educator and published author. 

Learn more about Anisa.

A #BreakTheBias poem by spoken word poet Sharena Lee Satti

She is a very passionate poet who writes poetry about her own personal life, current environmental issues, social stigmas, homelessness, poverty and discrimination. She speaks openly about her past and the struggles she had to endure. She found her voice and encourages others to find theirs through poetry and self-expression.

Learn more about Sharena.

What's your message?

IWD 2022 Break The Bias spoken word poem

Spoken word poetry can touch the soul and transcend physical traits to connect us on a deeply emotional level. 

There's extreme beauty and power in this form of art.

BreakTheBias spoken word poetry - #BreakTheBias

Keen to create and perform your own poem?

Send it in!

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