Can we promote you and your #BreakTheBias typography talent?

 February 06, 2022

The creative arts can have considerable impact and influence when it comes to conveying social messaging.

Combining creative spirit with sheer brilliant talent and a passion to help forge positive change, serves as a considerable match.   

Within the artistic world, creative design can certainly move to challenge, convey and inspire. So artistic creations in whatever shape, form or medium can help spread useful messaging across local and global communities. Their positive impact can be considerable. 

Typography is popular for conveying engaging messages with purpose.

#BreakTheBias typography

Here we see a #BreakTheBias typography creation, themed with the colors of purple, green and white.

Creating for change

Creator Aurelie Maron shares her thoughts, reflecting on her creative process for the piece and its journey. 

How do you feel embarking on a new creation?

Before I embark on a new piece, I always make sure it is something of interest and relevance. I need to feel a genuine connection to the value and message of the piece.

What elements inspired you for this creation?

The words Break The Bias strongly resonated with me. Those worlds felt very empowering, and I saw an opportunity to create a piece that could be both friendly and inviting, while strong enough to help mobilize people for meaningful change.

What was a challenging part in the creative process? 

I worked with purple, green and white that have a long historical association with the women's movement, and while this was not my usual color palette, I am pleased with the result.

How do you feel contributing to positive change?

Designing this Break The Bias creation was an honor, and I'm truly hoping that this piece will inspire people to genuinely take action to support the advancement of women.

Learn more about Aurelie's favorite pieces in her toolbox, her fabulous online course, and more.

Can we promote you and your typography talent?

Ready to embark on your own #BreakTheBias typography creation?

Create your own fabulous #BreakTheBias typography piece and let us show it to the world.  

Highlight your talent and passion, while helping to forge positive messaging that can help contribute to forging a more positive world for women.

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