Iranian illustrator Roshi Rouzbehani uses creative talent to #BreakTheBias

 February 07, 2022

Roshi Rouzbehani is an Iranian freelance illustrator based in London, UK.

She created a fabulous #BreakTheBias illustration [pictured above] to help raise awareness about gender equality in support of the IWD theme. 

Passonate about gender equality

Graduating from the University of Hertfordshire with a BA (Hons) in Illustration, Roshi loves to create editorial, institutional, and portrait illustrations.

She's passionate about gender equality and loves to put topics such as women's empowerment and sisterhood at the center of her work.

She also enjoys illustrating and raising awareness about mental health issues. 

50 inspiring Iranian women

Roshi Rouzbehani - IWD

Roshi crowdfunded and self-published a book called '50 Inspiring Iranian Women' that featured 50 astonishing women from Iran which was very well received. The purpose of Roshi's book is to celebrate the active and significant presence of Iranian women in various areas of art, science, sport, education and philanthropy. Some of these women are world-renowned and some of them are lesser-known, but nevertheless remarkable.

Iran women

An impressive client community

Roshi Rouzbehani - IWD

Roshi has worked for clients across countries including the likes of The Washington Post,, YWCA Great Britain, BBC 100 Women, The Covent Gardener, Popshot Magazine, Duckworth Books, and the Iranian Women's Studies Foundation to name but a few.

Recognition in features and awards

Roshni is often featured in the media and awarded for her talent and creativity.

Some of her recognition includes being featured by Ms. Magazine, ZH Magazine, Creative Boom, BBC Persia, Uppercase Magazine, Middle East Eye, and more.

She has been awarded various accolades including being a Best Online New Blood Portfolio in the New Blood Festival and being promoted as the Pathways' Book of the Week.

Exciting exhibitions to showcase Roshni's work

Roshni has exhibited many times, each with impactful, engaging work that captures her creative passion and spirit.

Some of these exhibitions have included a group shows such as the Au Nom Des Femmes at Galerie Le Bocal in Toulouse in France.

Further group show exhibitions have included her work for The Blooming Apples in the UK, Latuvu Gallery in Bages in France, Galerie Zone d’Art in Strasbourg in France, Aknoon Gallery in Tehran in Iran, the Show Space and also the Vibe Gallery in the UK.

Feel free to reach out to Roshi to discuss her work or follow her on Instagram or Twitter


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