Key influencers across the world share insight on IWD 2022 #BreakTheBias theme

 February 19, 2022

Across the world thought leaders, influencers, and career professionals are sharing their thoughts and ideas around the IWD 2022 #BreakTheBias theme.

Let's hear from some of them.

Hear from career strategist, Ineke McMahon    

Ineke McMahon is a career strategist. She has been recruiting senior executives for two decades. She's also great at talent mapping and networking. "I love the idea that difference is valued and celebrated. I love the theme for this International Women's Day and I'm a passionate advocate for women advancing their careers," says Ineke in her LinkedIn #BreakTheBias post. "I want to encourage any woman reading this to actively invest in your self-development and be confident enough to put yourself forward for a promotion, pay-rise or more senior role. Celebrate your differences!"

Read Ineke's #BreakTheBias post.


Showing commitment to forging a more inclusive world

The Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC), an independent quality and standards organization appointed as the higher education accreditation authority for the psychology profession in Australia, asked its directors and staff members what IWD means to them and how they work to #BreakTheBias.

Read their insightful thoughts.

Collection of women’s work experience to #BreakTheBias

BreakTheBias thought leadership articles

San Francisco based website is calling on women to speak up to #BreakTheBias and share their work stories to help create a snapshot collection of women's experiences. "To #BreakTheBias at work, we need to make visible women’s experiences and have tough conversations about what needs to change and how to do it," says the group as they call for women to contribute articles for their Women on Work project.

Have you published an article about #BreakTheBias?

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Learn more about breaking the bias in the workplace

Unconscious Bias video resources

In the meantime, learn more about what bias is and how it plays out by watching some of these highly informative and insightful videos educating about bias in all its forms.

Our experiences shape who we are, and our race, ethnicity, gender, height, weight, sexual orientation, place of birth, and other factors impact the lens with which we view the world. Learn how to recognize and acknowledge your own biases so that you can identify them when making decisions, and prevent yourself from making calls based on a biased viewpoint. Learn about affinity bias, halo bias, perception bias, confirmation bias, and more. Recognize the negative effects of bias within your organization, as well as the benefits to be realized by uncovering bias in decision-making processes. 


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